Comic Con, the aftermath.

Well, that was fun…

For loyal readers of this blog, you will know that the trailer for our movie “Cowboys & Engines” premiered at Comic Con 2013 (& for those who aren’t loyal readers, scroll down & read all about it.) Anyway, it went down INCREDIBLY well… no seriously INCREDIBLY WELL, we couldn’t have got a better response.

At the panel me & Kylie went to (it was shown at 3 panels in total) there were cheers, laughter & a general good vibe was felt by all, we were blown away by it’s reception… & let’s be honest geeks & nerds are the hardest crowd to please, so if they liked it, the sky’s the limit.

So where do we go from here?

Well, that part is all top secret & well above my pay grade but I do know that the film is now raising interest from certain studios & that all the shots we filmed are going to be premiered at a VERY important film festival… I am just not at liberty to say (YET!)

So to summarize, job well done & fingers crossed that more good things happen, thank you Comic Con… you were beautiful.

PS: And as a parting gift, here are some random unrelated photos that me & Kylie took as geeked around the convention!

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