Our most controversial podcast to date

Here it is folks, sit back, grab a cup of tea (or coffee) & wrap your ears around this bad boy.

3 comments on “Our most controversial podcast to date

  1. I agree with you Andy. I miss Celeste as well. Gone too soon. Of course I feel the same way about your wife being retired.

  2. That makes me sad, Celeste was simply awesome… so fuckin hot, & yet now I feel I responsible for Kylie’s retirement. On the plus side you can still see her getting nailed by me in new scenes on kylieireland.com, so it’s not all bad I suppose.

  3. No. She’s a strong person and is no doubt doing what she feels is best. When she discussed giving up drinking awhile back it helped give me the strength and hope to do the same. So, you’re not to blame. Kylie is doing what she wants to be doing. That said, if she comes out of retirement I will be right in line! Hope you two are having a nice weekend. Rainy here in Chicago.

    – Sean

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