Hey you guys, I need your cash!

No but seriously, give me your money. It doesn’t matter how much… even if it’s only $1, cause every single dollar counts.

But why? (you ask) Well the answer is simple, this year I am doing AIDS WALK LA (the clue was in the title of this blog btw) which means that I am walking around LA… for AIDS.

For those of us who remember the 1980’s, AIDS was a HUGE thing, we were literally bombarded with TV & radio commercials every second of the day telling us all to strap on a condom & to be very wary of who we slept with, cause AIDS kills… & in 2013 things still haven’t changed (except maybe the commercials, cause now they are now filled with ‘celebrities’ trying to flog us cheap perfume or shit reality TV shows that they appear in)

Anyway the point is, to solve this problem (not the celebrity problem, I honestly don’t think there is a cure for talentless no-marks who crave our attention) …we need your cash, and as much of it as you can spare.

So why should I part with my cash? (I again hear you ask)

Well, apart from the fact that we are stopping you from buying the latest Kardashian fragrance (and therefore preventing you from smelling like an Asian hooker) we are putting that cash to good use.

We will not only be helping out people who have already contracted the disease but we will be funding research into ways of preventing it & eventually curing it… how good is that, not only does your cash benefit the future of mankind but it also takes it out of the pocket of a person that thinks they deserve to be famous for some reason that simply escapes logic, so it’s a win/win

But enough of me rambling on & insulting people who can’t differentiate between luck & talent, let’s get down to brass tacks… Your money.

So simply click on the picture below & then donate to this very worthy cause.

As ever, I Love you guys & please give generously.


PS: Don’t even get me started on Twerking!

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