The Superbowl

This year I watched BOTH of the Championship finals.

At least I think that is the official term, cause in my mind I watched the ‘semi finals’ of the Superbowl. Anyway, after watching ‘The Broncos Vs. The Patriots’ & ‘The 49ers Vs. The Seahawks’, I must say that I am very excited about the final (or the ‘Superbowl’ as the Americans call it). Not because I have any particular allegiance to any team (even though my wife is from Colorado) but because I really enjoy a good sporting event.

The point I am trying to make is (despite the fact that American football is just a really gay version of Rugby) that the superbowl can be really quite exciting, in fact it can be exhilarating. It’s like Rugby combined with Chess …PLUS it has cheerleaders, a halftime show & awesome commercials!

So who do I tip for Superbowl success you ask? Well, I simply don’t know.  Manning is a legend, Sherman has a lot of confidence, so I guess it’s anybody’s game. But what I do know, is that when I am on set & the script involves an American football (& I have access to a world class photographer ) that THIS happens!


Happy SuperBowl everybody, & may the best team win!

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