As an Art Director i have been responsible for the look & feel of some of the most successful Porn Movies released in recent times… and here is a list of them!

Kiss of the Strangler – 2011

Scream XXX – 2011

Star Wars XXX  – 2012 (AVN award winner 2013 for best art direction)

The Dark Knight XXX – 2012 (nominated for best art direction at the 2013 AVN & Xbiz awards)

The Avengers XXX – 2012

Wolverine XXX – 2013

Iron Man XXX – 2013

She Hulk XXX – 2013

Man Of Steel XXX – 2013 (nominated for best art direction at the 2014 AVN & Xbiz awards)

New behind the Green Door – 2013

Underworld – 2013 (AVN & Xbiz awards winner for best art direction)

Outside the Box – X360

7 Minutes of Heaven – X360

Hot Movies TV Commercial – 2013

Thor XXX – 2013

Lost & Found – 2013

Cosplay Queens & tied up teens – 2013

Xmen XXX – 2014

Xmen Vs The Avengers – Release date TBC

The Avengers 2 XXX – Release date TBC

Wonder Woman XXX – Release date TBC

Cowboys & Engines – 2014

Wetwork – 2014

Kimberley Kane, Pornographer – Release date TBC

Lollipop – 2014

Captain America XXX – 2014

Spiderman 2 XXX – 2014

Apocalypse X – 2014

Ride or Die – 2014

Swans of LA – 2014

4Ever – 2014

Pussy, Money & Weed – 2014

Girls of Summer – 2014

Snow White XXX – 2014

Bubblegum girls – 2014

For more details check out my IMDB page at:

4 comments on “PRODUCTION DESIGN

  1. trying to get in touch with you, need to contact Philip Appleton sent a message to you and louise let me know if you can help thanks martin

    • So you are going to have to give me a little bit more info than “need to contact Philip Appleton sent a message to you & Louise let me if you can help” …so start off with: Who are you, & why do you need to get a hold of him!?

  2. sorry ! been trying to get in touch via facebook great to hear from you.the story goes that philip and my mum worked together at brooks and spring many years ago met him briefly when i was 17.I used to work with glenys appleton at bolton royal inf and over the years mum lost contact so am trying to get in touch so i could leave you a number if you are able to forward it on. many thanks martin ,hope to hear from you soon

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