Back from Vegas…

After a great weekend in Vegas, we stopped off at Zzyzx & then found an abandoned waterpark… it was spooky as fuck, totally empty & completley trashed, we wandered around for an hour or so taking photos & generally running amuck!

*Photo credits go to Kylie


No Blog so far in November!!!

I cannot believe I haven’t blogged in November, apologies one & all… Holy fuck!

So, where do I start? November has been crazy… The poker tournament, another “Is this Normal” interview PLUS various days out including meeting Randi & Cherri (Kylie’s first boyfriend & is wife)

Ok… (gathering thoughts) …I’ll start with the poker Tournament, long story short. 2 free days in Vegas, loads of famous types, Kylie came in 36 outta 100… Derrick came 2nd!  A FANTASTIC WEEKEND!!

Next up… the Journey home!