Need a castle? Then call an Englishman.

To be fair, i could have called this entry “Need a Castle? Then call an Englishman & his cumly new world wench” but seeing as i didn’t have enough space in the header plus the fact that i would’ve been beaten around the head with a blunt object whilst my American wife screamed “who are you calling a Wench?” i decided to go with the former. Besides, having said that my wife is more of a ‘Brazen Strumpet’ than a ‘Wench’ so i decided to just run with it. Either way, you get the point… we basically design & build sets.

Anyway getting back on point, last week me & Kylie (who is not a Wench btw) were given the task by Kink (as in to create (from scratch) a castle/medieval setting for a small movie they were making that was being directed by the ever lovely Princess Donna.

And so here’s how we did it, thanks to the stunning Chanel Preston & her tits for making the set look even more spectacular… we had nothing to do with that part!

Life… The Facebook version.


1. We all occasionally post food pics, our cooking photos are boring.
2. There are 7 Billion people on the planet, reproduction is easy. Your children are only special to you.
3. Yep, weekends are great. Mondays are shit.
4. The weather in England sucks. But here’s a photo of it anyway.
5. Animals are cute, they do cute things, we all love thier cuteness. People who abuse animals should die a horrible death.
6. Some people beat cancer or serious illness. You are either lucky or you are not. Asking for ‘shares’ to assist someone or congratulate someone is futile.
7. You are NOT going to win an iPad, you might however win a computer virus.
8. We all have at least 20 ‘friends’ who we don’t like, we keep them around to remind us how shit they are… and how great we are.
9. ALL Politicians suck, they only care about their careers. They make terrible decisions that only impact good people.
10. Good people tend to be normal & honest who think that society still has morals & standards. Politicans don’t care about your morals or standards.
11. Single women that think they are single because men aren’t up to the task of handling them, are single for the very same reason.
12. Not all Muslims are terrorists yet usually most terrorists seem to be Muslim.
13. Most religions hate women, gay or free thinking people. It’s because it takes away their influence, power & revenue streams.
14. Religion should not comprehend the word ‘Hate’. It should only comprehend the word Love…. yet it doesn’t.
15. Girls take a lot of self pics. Just click ‘like’.
16. You aren’t deep or spiritual. We all steal famous quotes thinking it applies to us, cause we all have an inflated opinion of ourselves.
17. Horoscopes make no sense. The planets were moving for billions of years before life even existed.
18. eCards will happen 20 times a day.
19. Instagram makes us all look prettier, more interesting & more awesome at photography.
20. We all know far too many people that are the Mayor of somewhere according to 4 square.
21. We all know far too many people that update us on TV & film spoilers.
22. Yes, you go to the Gym, you are super human… we get it.
23. Yes, you like drinking, you have a hangover… we get it.
24. Bacon connects us all.
25. We all need to stop telling the world what we think is wrong & we all need to start doing something about it.

Busy workin…


Hey folks,

As you can tell by my timeline i’ve not been bloggin that much, infact i was repremanded only the other day by my sister for not even returning emails… so apologies all around, life is simply hectic at the moment.

Meanwhile moving on, me & Kylie have been busy finishing sets for the last 2 Axel Braun movies & as i type we are now currently deep in pre-production building sets for his next two PLUS we have been preparing for our HUGE mainstream movie ‘Cowboys & Engines’ …Oh, if you don’t know what the fuck that is, then shame on you, go catch up on our kickstarter page right here: (and of course donate, we are only $7K away from success)

Anyway, that being said, today i spent all day on set acting in ANOTHER Axel Braun feature (i have no idea when that guy sleeps!) but this time for Hustler. In it i play an Admiral in ‘Star Trek XXX 3D’ alongside Evan Stone, Michael Vegas, Bailey Blue & Ana Fox as well as many other adult film types & i must say that not only does it look like another smash hit for Axel but it was also a fun filled day with some really great people, the highlight for me being Evan, Michael & me doing an improv musical version whilst practising our lines… although to be fair we didn’t have a dull moment all day.

SO, that being said & as ever with my blogs i leave with with a few pics & promises of release dates for all the movies we are working on.