Deekay in action…


Sat at home the other night i got a first hand glimpse of Deekay (aka Kylie, aka my wife) as she started work on her latest and BIGGEST project ….from start to finish! As she worked away, i took pictures at various stages of her spraying & then hand painting it over the a course of about 8 hours.

It’s an AMAZING piece & it just goes to show just how far she has grown as a street artist, the final touches of ‘canis graffiticus’ were inspired… so, sit back & enjoy the slideshow.

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The Dark Knight XXX

Hey Everyone,

Just so you know, the trailer for the latest (& probably one of the greatest) Axel Braun movies “The Dark Knight XXX” is now up & running. This film was a labour of love for all involved & features some of the coolest sets we have ever built, some of the best costumes we’ve ever seen & definitely one of the best cast lists in porn.

I am REALLY lookin forward to this movie the trailer will blow your mind, so check it out by clicking on the pic.

PS: I chose this pic btw, cause it gives you an idea of the production value that went into the sets… oh, and & cause it features my art!

Watch All Vivid’s XXX Superhero Parodies HERE!

To Kylie…


What can i say about today?

Well, it’s the day i am most grateful for, the day i realise how fortunate i am, the day that many years ago started you down the path that would eventually become my fate… but mainly it’s the day where i am thankful that you are my wife & the day when i am most amazed at just how i lucky i am.

So before i go any further, i just wanna say that I LOVE YOU, thankyou for being in my life.

You are more beautiful than you have ever been, you are more loved than you can ever imagine & you are more cherished than you could possibly believe. You are my soulmate, my best friend & my source of inspiration, i am the very definition of a lucky man, in fact i am the luckiest man in the world.

So here’s to you on your special day, always know that i will be by your side for many more to come.

Your loving & grateful husband. x x x

The Camera Never Lies


For those of you out there who are around my age, you might be thinking “why is Andy quoting song lyrics by Buck’s Fizz” …Well i’ll tell you why, it’s because since the invention of Photoshop or more aptly to this post Instagram, the camera DOES indeed lie.

Not that this is a complaint, it is just a statement that acknowledges that there are now 101 different ‘apps’ or software programs now available online that can make fat people seem skinny, ugly people look pretty or in my case haggard, wrinkly grey haired monkeys appear like Brad Pitt! (yeah, i know… it’s a stretch)

Anyway, the point is i have been tinkering with Instagram for a month or so & have taken one or two pics that are quite good, one or two that are quite bizarre & some ones that are just out & out fun… and so (as i have mentioned before on my blog) I decided to share a few with you, cause why the fuck not?


PS: Buck’s Fizz were a cheezy English pop group in the 80’s that made Justin Bieber sound like a musical genius (yes, THAT bad!)

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Weekend at Allie’s


Last weekend me & Kylie went over to visit the lovely Allie Haze as she celebrated her 25th Birthday, & as ever her & her partner Chris didn’t fail to be the best party hosts ever. Not only that, they are truly one of the nicest couple around & any excuse to catch up with them is always welcome.

Anyway, when you then add into the mix Allie’s incredible BBQing skills, a gang of hot girls (INCLUDING the always amazing London Keyes) some sunshine, & then Jack Daniels… you know a good time was had by all.

As ever, i always have my camera on hand, so here’s a few pics of the Chaos that ensued!


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Strange but True

Hey everyone,

I was trawling through some of my old picture folders on my laptop this morning & came across the cover from the movie ‘Babewatch’ which reminded me of a strange but very true story, & seeing as i have my own website i thought i would share it with you.

Anyway, this movie has to be my ALL time favorite porno, it comes from the ‘classic era’ of porn, a time where all the girls were hot, they all had big hair, big names… and of course, they all had really big tits! This was also the era when the term ‘Pornstar’ was really defined cause pornstars REALLY were stars, they were household names, they appeared in mainstream movies, primetime chat shows & travelled the globe doing appearances at adult conventations, opening videos stores all whilst signing autographs for thousands of fans who would travel far & wide to see thier favorite girl.

Nowadays… not so much! Don’t get me wrong there are still some HUGE pornstars left in the industry but with the birth of free porn & with a new tube site popping up every minute Porn has suffered & as a result the money that goes into making quality porn has dwindled, so for every BIG star like Jessica Drake there are 100 ‘err, what’s her names’ & for every top director like Axel Braun & Brad Armstrong there is literally 1000 guys with a video camera who think that making porn is just so simple!

But such is life, we could all sit about lamenting about ‘the good old days’ (as i often do with Derrick Pierce) or we can just accept that porn isn’t what it was but safe in the knowledge that there are at least a couple of porn powerhouses left, companies like Vivid & Wicked for example.

Anyway, i digress, the point of this story is that i was given Babewatch by an Old DJ friend of mine (on VHS but with no cover) back in 1996 & believe me when i say it is crammed full of some of the hottest women in porn at the time, my favorite scene in particular is a threesome which included a young blonde starlet with a great rack, man i lusted after this woman!

I watched this scene many many many times over the years &  it was only couple of years ago, just after i got married when i was organising Kylie’s personal DVD collection of movies she has been in, when i came across Babewatch (with the cover), “OMG” i said ” i fuckin LOVE this movie” *The penny suddenly drops*OMG, that’s you! (by this time i was jumping up & down with joy screaming at Kylie) …you’re that fuckin girl out of Babewatch!!!OMG, OMG, I married the hottest woman on the planet!!!” …and so (after my initial shock & after i eventually stopped dancing around the room singing ‘i married the Babewatch girl’) i then spent about an hour listening to her telling BTS stories about the movie, she even showed me the outfit that she wore in the scene & i can’t lie there was also some sex involved!

But wait… there’s more.

I was trawling through some links today on adult DVD empire & i discovered that even though the film is discontinued you can now download it to own! (I know GREAT right?!?)  …so now YOU can:

A) See how fuckin great this movie is. B) See how hot my wife is in this movie. C) There is no c, just watch the movie!

PS: If you haven’t worked it out, click on the pic to see the movie!

PPS: Yeah, i know… my life is wierd!

The Avengers XXX is out NOW!!

As you are ALL probably aware, me & Kylie design & construct all the sets for the current movies being released by legendary Porn director Axel Braun, this is not only very challenging but also HUGE amounts of fun, the pinacle of which (for us) is when the film is released & we see the movie magic come together on screen for the first time!

Next up (and AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW) is ‘the Avengers XXX’ a film we completed a few weeks ago & stars such Porn Heavyweights as Lexington Steele, Pheonix Marie, Dale DaBone, AVN starlet of the year Brooklyn Lee, 9th wonder of the world Chyna & all round diamond geezer Xander Corvus PLUS many other of todays biggest porn names…. infact, here’s the cover, it’s a veritable who’s who of who does who!

As you can imagine, we had LOADS of fun making this movie & not just because the cast & crew are awesome (although that helps obviously) but because the movie threw up some REAL challenges as we basically had to recreate all the various worlds from the various superheroes… all for one kickass DVD!

Anyway, check it out for yourself, it’s available NOW for download here:

OR, it’s available to buy here:

As ever on my blog, here’s the ADDED BONUS (and an extra incentive to get the movie) of some BTS shots from the making off… OH,& if you actually wanna own a copy & I KNOW you will, then it’s available to purchase from May 8th.