Want to know about Kylie?

Hi Everyone…

For those of you who are directed here to find out why Kylie is moving out of the www.thefalloutshelter.com check out ‘the story of me & Kylie’ …. the on going story of the how we met, what happened and LOVE x

For the rest of you who turn up everyday to see what fucked up shit me & Kylie have been doing, then hello, sorry I have been busy packing and therefore have posted some poor quality blogs the last couple of days, once we get moved  in its back to business as usual… promise!

I WILL finish our story I promise (part 11 next) also, I will get the podcast up (its just Mevio are cunts!)… gotta go, more packing, final day today!


PS God damn Kylie took some cock last night, I am amazed she can walk!

Sad but not so sad…

Well England are out!!!

Knocked out by ‘The Hun’ …we got played off the park, destroyed, humiliated, so what did I do to cheer myself up? I played with Stanley!

So, what is Stanley! …Well it’s an electrical sex toy that send volts of power through your bits (and by bits I mean Kylie’s bits!!)

And after a good hour of electrocuting her, I was much better ….then we cracked on with the day and continued packing!

(OK, sidenote: Kylie is talking to me as I type, we have SOOO much to do, I can’t continue, so I will update my blog later)


PS here’s Kylie Gardening!

wot no blog?

I can’t believe I didn’t blog yesterday…. I have been packing non stop for the big move & totally lost track of time!!!

SO apologies to everybody… I’m a bad person!

To make up for this error please accept this Skype collage of Kylie I did for twitter background… cool huh?


Friday night 3 way is back

It’s time to go to Playboy, Kylie has been feeling ‘icky’ all day, so have been nursing her all day, she seems OK now though, However, I’ve not got alot of time so I will say my goodbyes & try and squeeze a blog in later….

I also must start part 11 & update you all about the podcast!

Soon, promise


The gangs all here…

Hello everyone,

Currently sat with Kayme Kai, Derrick Pierce & Kylie….

Kayme is doing a photoshoot with Ben (photograper who lives with us) Derrick has just shown up and is discussing the show with Kylie… I am blogging!

Today’s events involved Superhero porn guy (nothing to report) me & the post office (had loads of Kylie stuff to post!) PLUS me and Kylie had a massive meeting about moving out, sorting all our stuff & other tasks we need to complete to make the move easier, we now OFFICIALLY have a day and date, PLUS all the power/internet is coinciding with it… so well done Kylie (she’s the organised one today!)

In other news, we have also done all the paperwork for Kylie’s Cam show….(watch this space, yes i said WE!!) and err, Kylie is about to shave my head Mo’hawk style again!

And she is hungry… so i am going to feed her!!

Speak soon


Up on the roof!

It’s a sunny Thursday evening and me and Kylie are sat on the roof!

So what are you doing up there? …I hear you cry!

Err, I’m drinking a beer, Kylie is eating strawberries, whilst I also attemp to blow bubbles (with Mr Bubbles!) as (inbetween strawberry munching) Kylie takes photos of them with the LA Skyline as a backdrop! …It’s a hard life! (Oh and I have my laptop with me)

SO then, what else is new?

Well, I gave Kylie a good raping this morning, we then dropped off Jeff at UPS and have been shopping for grocieries.. OH AND ENGLAND ARE THROUGH TO THE LAST 16 OF THE WORLD CUP! (it gets better!) WE ALSO ARE PLAYING GERMANY IN THE NEXT ROUND!!!

I can’t wait, Sunday is World War 3…. England V ‘The Crouts’, they keep knocking us out of world cups on penalties… but not  this time, we are gonna finish em of in 90 mins (and failing that I am gonna support the US!!)

Anyway, enough football banter, back to the raping!!

Last night Kylie beat me up, threatened me …and then knocked me out!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! This woman is crazy, seriously crazy (and by crazy I mean insanely hot!)… I retaliated of course and ended up filling her up like a balloon… but Man, she is tough, I pounded her like there is no tomorrow and she kept coming back for more…. (hence this morning!!!)

And SO… that’s about it for today ( at 7pm!), Superhero porn guy is back tomorrow (which is nice) but I will tell that story after the day is done!

Meanwhile kids, look after mum, drive safely & don’t go changing!


PS Whilst blogging a bird has pooped on Kylie’s laptop!

PPS And she is worried people are gonna think she beats me up! (which she does but it’s all in good fun… so dont worry!)

When in doubt…

Hi all,

So was a lesson learnt yesterday? I guess we will have to wait and see!

Meanwhile, my mood is alot better because as I always say ‘When in doubt, fuck the crap out of the most beautiful woman in the world!’ … Hey Presto, instant joy! BLAMMO…take that life!

Anyway, not much to tell apart from that, Kylie has sorted out her new driving license, I have finally packed & shipped Jeff …and it’s sunny!

I will update any other news as the day progresses…



Not the best day…

Hi all,

I could go on about how shit today was and how it was a ‘two steps back, one step forward kinda day’ however, I am aware that compared to most people, my monday was fairly timid… a few annoying things happened but nothing really to complain about, it just wasn’t the best I have had since being here and I am not a moany bitch!

However …loosely based on that theme, I just wanna say a couple of things:

When I write my blog, I don’t write down all my feelings down about certain situations, certain people and certain things I have to deal with on a day-to-day basis ….and he’s why?

I am aware that some family members back in the UK read my blog and to be honest I don’t want to worry them because ‘all in all’ life is grand, I love it here, I am having a blast, my life with Kylie is fucking great, I love her, she loves me, so why have people reading into things or cause undo concern over something & nothing. We all have shit to deal with… That’s life!

Another reason is I can be hot-headed, I can be in a bad mood, or I might have gotten out of bed on the wrong side, end up blogging the wrong thing in a fit of melodrama and cause offence to people… it’s just not my style, we all have shit moments, we all feel sorry for ourselves at some point and I don’t wanna dump my own crap on other people!

Finally, the last reason I don’t mention certain things is it may not be any of my business, or it might be an opinion, it might not even be true!! Therefore I don’t wanna act like a prepubescent teenager, spreading gossip, pushing ‘my opinion’ on other people and basically coming across like a bitter narrow-minded prick, there’s nothing worse than having egg on your face because you don’t know the full story or because you let your emotions get the better of you….

So that being said, I hope you all appreciate why my blog is upbeat because to me, it’s just fun and I really hope it come across as respectful to everyone I meet, if there are blanks in any of my stories, or people are omitted from the blog it’s because my mum always told me ‘If you can’t say anything nice about someone, then don’t say anything at all’ …..

And yet again, here endeth the lesson!

I’ll speak to the rest of you guys tomorrow…. for more upbeat fun and frolics (LA style!!)


Catch up on the blog

SO then, yet again I issue a NOT family freindly warning!

I have been a busy boy! Not had time to blog, I started blogging the other night but ended up banging Kylie senseless, it all started on Friday night at about 11pm (you will notice I stopped blogging instantly!)

Kylie turned up with an anal hook and started doing things to herself infront of me… not one to back down from an opportunity for deviance, this ended up with me strapping a collar to her and attaching the hook to her neck via some rope (mental picture: hook in Kylie’ ass pointing up her back, attached to rope, rope attached around collar on her neck!)

Anyway, so i was sharing her ass with the hook and as i pulled it, the rope choked her at the same time!!! this ended up with me making her squirt everywhere! This then ended up with her on her back downstairs on the bondage horse… which ended up with her flooding the place…. which ended up with us needing a mop! (the actual story is far more intense and goes on for hours… but thats the gist of the story though, i fucked her up! Her last tweet of the day THAT day was ‘just been fucked 9 ways from Sunday’… which she was, Go team Andy (round of applause, takes a bow!)

So yesterday was ‘Superhero porn guy’ ….I have mentioned him before, he is a great guy, really funny, all round cool dude (ex DJ you see!) Anyway, the scene involved Kylie and Amber as superheroes and Tigerlily as the super villian, me & another guy (the rigger) played Henchman to Tiger Lilly!

The plot: TigerLilly has taken over the city using a mind control device, she is using a satallite dish to beam her signal, Omega Woman (Kylie) & Gamma Girl (Amber) must stop her!!

What ends up happening is Kylie and Amber get captured (by us Henchman) and Tigerlily ties them up and molestes them… Then she fucks Amber with a strap on (then hypnotises her) and then they both fuck Kylie… well Tigerlily fucks Kylie, Amber sits on her face!

It was great fun (and hot to watch!!)… Kylie & Amber really ham it up and it really works… check out the website, the scene will be up next week I think www.superheroineunderworld.com

Oh, Kylie was suffocated by Amber when she sat on her face, so Kylie ended up filling her pussy with air… it resulted in the worlds biggest ‘fanny fart’ … it was hilarious !!!

Anyway, here are some stills we took, speak soon…