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SO then, yet again I issue a NOT family freindly warning!

I have been a busy boy! Not had time to blog, I started blogging the other night but ended up banging Kylie senseless, it all started on Friday night at about 11pm (you will notice I stopped blogging instantly!)

Kylie turned up with an anal hook and started doing things to herself infront of me… not one to back down from an opportunity for deviance, this ended up with me strapping a collar to her and attaching the hook to her neck via some rope (mental picture: hook in Kylie’ ass pointing up her back, attached to rope, rope attached around collar on her neck!)

Anyway, so i was sharing her ass with the hook and as i pulled it, the rope choked her at the same time!!! this ended up with me making her squirt everywhere! This then ended up with her on her back downstairs on the bondage horse… which ended up with her flooding the place…. which ended up with us needing a mop! (the actual story is far more intense and goes on for hours… but thats the gist of the story though, i fucked her up! Her last tweet of the day THAT day was ‘just been fucked 9 ways from Sunday’… which she was, Go team Andy (round of applause, takes a bow!)

So yesterday was ‘Superhero porn guy’ ….I have mentioned him before, he is a great guy, really funny, all round cool dude (ex DJ you see!) Anyway, the scene involved Kylie and Amber as superheroes and Tigerlily as the super villian, me & another guy (the rigger) played Henchman to Tiger Lilly!

The plot: TigerLilly has taken over the city using a mind control device, she is using a satallite dish to beam her signal, Omega Woman (Kylie) & Gamma Girl (Amber) must stop her!!

What ends up happening is Kylie and Amber get captured (by us Henchman) and Tigerlily ties them up and molestes them… Then she fucks Amber with a strap on (then hypnotises her) and then they both fuck Kylie… well Tigerlily fucks Kylie, Amber sits on her face!

It was great fun (and hot to watch!!)… Kylie & Amber really ham it up and it really works… check out the website, the scene will be up next week I think

Oh, Kylie was suffocated by Amber when she sat on her face, so Kylie ended up filling her pussy with air… it resulted in the worlds biggest ‘fanny fart’ … it was hilarious !!!

Anyway, here are some stills we took, speak soon…


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