Apples & Pairs podcast Vol 6

This weeks show pulls no punches as Andy & Kylie discuss Kim Kardashians pregnant lips, why Justin Bieber will never be taken seriously, how come Islam isn’t as peaceful it claims it is & how crazy porn fanmail can be… PLUS the never ending battle between Pond Wardens & Daleks, Goldfish murderers & people who like wanking in poo!

Wilfried Cartoon strikes back…

Whether we are building sets, making & selling art or simply building props there is always work continuing behind the scenes on our first comic book drawn by legendary cartoonists ‘Wilfried Cartoon’

As you can imagine it is a lengthy process, stories need to be written (sometimes translated) & then drawn in Wil’s unique cartoon format, THEN they need to be colored & finalised so they look like a comic book page with carefully placed speach bubbles & fonts to emphasize the story, so far after 12 months we have 12 pages done… not bad for a talented French man, an English vagabond & his American strumpet!

Anyway, we are currently working on pages 13 & 14, so far we are at the story stage (which to be fair is my favorite bit) & hopefully by the end of June we will have it all drawn up & be working on pages 15 & 16… meanwhile here is a sneak peak from one of the pages of me looking non too pleased, so fingers crossed, one day soon you will find out why!


Cowboys & Engines

The last few weeks have been CRAZY… no, seriously crazy!

Me & Kylie have been busy doing pre-production for Cowboys & Engines, the mainstream short we managed to finace through Kickstarter featuring non other than Malcolm McDowell, Richard Hatch & Walter Koenig.

Anyway, long story short, we started filming last week & have been working 20 hour (and on one occaision 28 hour!) days both building, redesigning & prepping sets for what is sure to be an EPIC little movie…

So without further ado, here are some BTS pics from the first couple of day of shooting, no doubt i will be adding to them as production continues.