Guns, bitches & money!

OK, so today me & Kylie were working with Digital Playground on their latest feature “lollipop” (working title) which stars Jesse Jane, Tommy Gunn, Seth Gamble, Riley Reid, Ryan Driller PLUS many other lovely porn types.

But before I go on, I feel I must first apologize for my rants about never working with Digital again…

As many of you may, or may not know, Digital Playground is owned by Manwin, one of the biggest companies in porn.

Anyway, (for those of you who read my twitter feed) you will have noticed that I have been taking the piss out of them a lot recently, mainly because of their rubbish communication skills & (more importantly) the lack of notice we get when it came to building sets.  But, despite my mockery & piss taking they were still willing to sit down & hear our grievances  & after many emails & discussions we all eventually came to a compromise.

So after all that, I must say hats off to Manwin for listening to us & taking what we had to say on board, if I can only say one thing about them, it’s that they are all very professional, they can take criticism, they learn from their mistakes & then move forward with a positive attitude. Which for any company in any Industry can only be described as a good thing.

BUT let’s get back to the important stuff… what happened on set today?

Well, Jesse Jane is hot… no seriously, she’s really fuckin hot. As you most of you know I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the hottest women in porn (not to mention that i’m married to the hottest women in porn of all time) so believe me when I tell you… she is fucking hot.

Jessie turned up on set this morning without a scrap of make up on & was just wearing casual clothes, it was an instant OMG… she is fucking hot! (For those of you who aren’t getting the point yet, the cash money phrase when describing Jesse Jane is… “She is fucking HOT”)

Moving on & leaving her hotness to one side for a moment (after maybe staring at her for a while) Jessie is also a total sweetheart & a real professional, not only does she deliver her dialogue perfectly but she is also willing to throw herself down in the dirt in the process… which today worked out quite well as she got shot in the head.

(Note to self: In hindsight, add ‘spoiler alert’ before certain sentences)

Now what can I say about Tommy Gunn that I haven’t already said before? Tommy is simply awesome & one of the nicest guys in porn (if not one of the nicest guys you could ever wish to meet). I hadn’t seen Tommy in a while & yet chatting with him was like I had only seen him yesterday. He always remembers the last conversation you had, always asks what has happened since then & can literally talk the hind legs of a dog …PLUS he always has new strategies on how to deal with a zombie apocalypse, which let’s be honest, is always handy.

So all in all it was a good day, it’s always great to catch up with Ryan Driller cause he is a funny mother fucker & it was nice to meet Riley Reid for the first time (who not only is very pretty but so incredibly polite), before she left for the day she literally went around to every member of the crew & said thank you… I just wanted to squeeze her to death, it was so God damned cute.

And a final note, I must say thanks to James, Justin, Brent, Dave, Robbie & the rest of the crew.  Despite my initial bemusement of the amount of cameramen on set, you all did a sterling job & everything went swimmingly…. Good Times indeed. Good Fuckin Times.


Comic Con, the aftermath.

Well, that was fun…

For loyal readers of this blog, you will know that the trailer for our movie “Cowboys & Engines” premiered at Comic Con 2013 (& for those who aren’t loyal readers, scroll down & read all about it.) Anyway, it went down INCREDIBLY well… no seriously INCREDIBLY WELL, we couldn’t have got a better response.

At the panel me & Kylie went to (it was shown at 3 panels in total) there were cheers, laughter & a general good vibe was felt by all, we were blown away by it’s reception… & let’s be honest geeks & nerds are the hardest crowd to please, so if they liked it, the sky’s the limit.

So where do we go from here?

Well, that part is all top secret & well above my pay grade but I do know that the film is now raising interest from certain studios & that all the shots we filmed are going to be premiered at a VERY important film festival… I am just not at liberty to say (YET!)

So to summarize, job well done & fingers crossed that more good things happen, thank you Comic Con… you were beautiful.

PS: And as a parting gift, here are some random unrelated photos that me & Kylie took as geeked around the convention!

The ‘Apples & Pairs’ podcast vol: 8

In this weeks show…

Andy & Kylie are back from San Francisco & getting ready for Comic Con 2013. Other topics also discussed include more BTS stories from set, Caveman Porn, English people exploding when it’s hot & the most depressing place on earth… the DMV.

Comic Con 2013


I am lucky enough to have done some pretty cool things in my life. I’ve gotten drunk with Will Smith, had lunch with The Rock & even been to the movies with Quentin Tarantino…

But nothing quite feels as surreal as what is happening this weekend.

As most of you know I was the Art director on an independent film (that was successfully funded by Kickstarter) called Cowboys & Engines, a steampunk western that is set in an alternate version of America in 1872…. Not only that, it also stars Richard Hatch (BSG), Walter Koenig (Star Trek) & Malcolm McDowell (A clockwork Orange)


SO if that wasn’t surreal enough the PREMIERE of the trailer is going to be played at this years Comic Con & even though I have only seen a rough edit, trust me, it is gonna BE AWESOME!!

Bryn & his special effects team have pulled out all the stops to bring an AMAZING trailer to the convention & I can’t wait for you guys to see the blood sweat & tears that me & Kylie put into the production design as well as the care & dedication that the entire crew put into this truly amazing feature.

So where do I see this trailer you ask?

Well, the first screening will be held during the 35th Anniversary Battlestar Galactica Celebration, hosted by Richard Hatch on Thursday, July 18th, at 10:30 am in Room 6BCF.

The second screening will be at the panel “Financing Your Dream: Kickstarter Funding”. This panel features both Richard Hatch and Cowboys & Engines Writer & Director Bryn Pryor & is on Saturday, July 20th, at 6 pm in Room 9.

So for those of you lucky enough to go to Comic Con, please sit back, relax & enjoy the awesomeness.

PS: Oh, & if you see me & Kylie on Saturday please come over, give us a hug & say hi.

If you’re going to San Francisco

Hello all,

Life on set has been crazy recently, as soon as we wrapped Brad Armstrong’s movie “Underworld” (at the same time we wrapped Bryn Prior’s movie Cowboys & Engines) we moved straight on to TWO Vivid movies “Wetwork” by Eli Cross & “Kimberley Kane, Pornographer” by err… Kimberley Kane.

Anyway, the GREAT thing about the latter two movies is that we got to shoot them in San Francisco.

This pleased me on various levels, I had always wanted to go to San Fran & had ample opportunity to visit back in the day when I was dating an air stewardess but due to my work schedule & various other women I was seeing at the time I always missed out, so the fact I got to see it for the first time with Kylie felt like Karma was giving me a big sloppy kiss & a warm hug.

So what was it like, you ask?

Well, first off I have to say that staying in a huge house & sleeping on a $15’000 mattress was a big plus but apart from that (he said flippantly) it was awesome…

The thing about shooting for Vivid is that it is like working with family. Everyday on set I spend hours with Kylie, Penny (Pax), Shylar, Steven (ST Croix), Charlie, Kimberley (Kane), Hollywood, Shaun, Gus Gus & Bryn & despite random arguments & miscommunication we all got along just fine. We got frustrated together, we took the piss out of each other, we talked complete & utter bollocks & basically worked out a way of making the best film we could on the budget we had… all without killing each other!

So how do I summarize my time in San Francisco?

Well it was EPIC, my only words of advice are: A) Don’t take a car. B) Have a warm jacket. C) Wear a seat belt when you are in a Taxi. D) Own a pair of comfy walking shoes. (& finally) E) Avoid fire hydrants… they explode!

PS: Dear Justin, Richie, Danny, Brian & Tommy. I haven’t forgotten about you, you guys also rock.