The Avengers XXX

Hey hey…

SO as you all have already guessed we are filming IronManXXX & the AvengersXXX back to back… it’s been crazy, hard work & very demanding but luckily we now have a week off whilst stuff gets sorted for our next sets (actually I have no idea why production has stopped!) but everyone involved is REALLY busy so I am not complaining & am gonna enjoy the time off to chillax!

Anyway (and on a seperate note) today we got a new kitten and seeing as Tweek is being a nightmare at the moment it also gives us time to settle him in …and not get eaten!

And here come the Avengers pics so far…


Iron Man XXX

Dracula XXX wrapped last week & so me & Kylie spent the time off doing art & chillin out with friends, including a GREAT day with Trina Michaels & Chris by the pool, not to mention a party over at Derrick Pierce’s new house. Anyway, Iron Man XXX is now upon us & the last 3 days have been mental, first up is building the cave in which Tony Stark constructs his Mk 1 suit and let me tell you its been 3 LOOONG days!

So far we are pretty much done with the cave, all we have to do now is dress it, attach some iron bars & a few other bits and pieces to make it look like the original opening 30 mins from the film… and thats the story so far. Check back soon for updates.

As ever, here are a couple of pics.



Dracula XXX

Yes… Dracula XXX!!!

SO I am currently ‘acting’ as Van Helsing in the above mentioned film… all you need to know is I have grown Muttonchops!! Anyway, Kylie seems to love it and as I have been investigating her anally more than usual (if that’s possible) I can only assume she is telling the truth, so… err… here is me as Van Helsing!

Van Muttonchops

Oh, and I start on Iron Man XXX & then The Avengers XXX next week (do you sense a running theme here!)