Boba Fett

For those of you wondering why I have been posting ridiculous pics of Boba Fett on Twitter, it’s because I have recently taken possesion of a Medicom deformed action figure & i am currently obsessed with it… also, because I am 12 years old!

Boba Vs. Cheesecake

Boba Vs. Tweek

Fathers day for Boba is a sad day.

It’s a wrap… now who’s tidying up this mess?!

It’s official, Star Wars XXX has wrapped…

This without a doubt was a great production to be involved with & even though it was hard work, it was LOADS of fun… and not just because I was Darth Vader or because I got to build cool ‘Star Warsy’ stuff but because I met some really cool new friends, hung out with some awesome people and generally had a blast with everybody involved with the film.

Both me & Kylie REALLY wanna say a big thanks to the art department: Angel Vain, Brian Street Team, Eric, Beto, Dizzy Cash & Joe. We couldn’t have done it without, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou…

And so that’s it… The End, Le Fin, El Finito! Now the CGI department start thier hard work adding spaceships, droids, gun fire & lightsabers & sound effects all in time for the films release at some point in September.

Finally, a quick mention to all cast & crew for their hard work, support & dedication, it was GREAT working with you all, hopefully we will all do it again sometime & we can create even more porno mayhem!

Andy & Kylie

PS: Don’t forget to check out Kylie’s blog for a FULL breakdown of the final days shooting… coming soon!

I am General Dodonna…

I decided to switch sides for the last scene & I am now General Dodonna & therefore responsible for the tactical destruction of the death star …I felt it was the least I could do after I killed Obi-Wan!