Has it been that long?

I know, I know… my posts have been lacking recently, so here’s why.

Normally i post our random on set musings/our life in LA on here (not to mention the podcasts) but over the last few months we have both been SOOOOO busy that we simply haven’t had the time …PLUS my laptop died a while ago (along with all my editing software) so we haven’t even had the resources to do a podcast at all. GOD DAMN IT!!!

But on the plus side, i should be getting my laptop back this weekend, which means me & Kylie can continue to give you the oral version (that’s what she said) of life behind the scenes in porn & other mindless drivel! 

MEANWHILE, don’t forget that I also have a Tmblr blog (which I constantly update with bts pics every week) & our twitter/instagram feeds (google that shit) for what is happening in LA LA Land.

PS: My Tmblr page is NSFW btw, in fact it’s almost the very definition of NSFW… but click on this pic of me on set (below) if you wanna check it out.


Oh, and with that being said, don’t forget that me & Kylie are doing AIDS WALK LA again this year & that we would REALLY appreciate your support, so here are a couple more pics that also link through to our respective donation pages:

aids walk


The ‘Apples & Pairs’ podcast vol: 26

In this week’s show Me & Kylie FINALLY catch up with life since Vegas, including their post-apocalyptic adventure with a U-Haul Van, how wonderful female porn directors are, the most considerate way to make a glory hole & how fun it is to wake up during an earthquake.

The ‘Apples & Pairs’ podcast vol: 25

After a 4 week hiatus, me & Kylie are back!

In this weeks show, we catch you up with life in the adult industry since (and including) the AVN/Xbiz awards …PLUS life on set on Axel Braun’s latest feature, how to build Egypt in Malibu & the other random news stories for your ears to enjoy.

Valentines Day Massacre.

So here is some Valentines Day Maths for you all… or ‘Math’ as the Americans call it. (Despite the fact that it is an abbreviation of the word ‘Mathematics’)

Today I wrote a stupid Valentines day update on Facebook about raping your wife/girlfriend/partner (at knife point nonetheless) … & it went a little something like this:

“Roses are Red, Violets are Blue,
I have a knife, GET IN THE FUCKING VAN”

Out of the 25 ‘likes’ that it got about it, 12 were from the English & 13 were from Americans, so that’s (give or take) roughly a 50/50 split between our great nations, as to whom has the desire to rape… or be raped.

Furthermore, out of the same 25 ‘likes’, 10 were by women, whereas 15 were by men. This means that the taboo subject of ‘Rape Fantasy’ still seems to be a mainly male orientated desire, although it does need pointing out, that 40% of women actually fantasize about rape.
And as a final statistic, out of the 10 women that ‘liked’ the ‘raped at knife point’ …6 of them were American, compared to 4 of them being English.
So in conclusion, this means that 60% of American women fantasize about rape, compared to 40% of English women. I am now therefore declaring myself as the Stephen Hawking of ‘rape fantasy theory’.

I will however add that rape is a bad thing. Please do NOT read this blog & then go out and rape…. this was a very simple social media experiment & (even though it is based on statistics) is completely hypothetical & only relates to a very small percentage of society. It’s basically based on the people that I know & interact with on a daily basis, so it’s mainly freaks to be honest. PLEASE DO NOT think that this is how society acts as a norm, cause I am guessing that it’s probably not.

The MAJORITY of people that commented on my status update, or ‘liked’ it, did tend to be in relationships or with a partner of their choice, so the results that it concluded usually consisted of many years of trust &/or friendship with someone they knew.

However, (and on a final note) I did find the statistics interesting.

So (to end this blog) I will simply say this… please feel free to rape the shit out of your partner, just ensure that you discuss it first, cause prison time for a ‘kinky night in without consent’ is a bad thing, & in turn will end up with you reading this blog from your prison cell…  just as your cell mate spits on his cock & wonders why you look so fucking nervous!


Dee Kay 026

The Superbowl

This year I watched BOTH of the Championship finals.

At least I think that is the official term, cause in my mind I watched the ‘semi finals’ of the Superbowl. Anyway, after watching ‘The Broncos Vs. The Patriots’ & ‘The 49ers Vs. The Seahawks’, I must say that I am very excited about the final (or the ‘Superbowl’ as the Americans call it). Not because I have any particular allegiance to any team (even though my wife is from Colorado) but because I really enjoy a good sporting event.

The point I am trying to make is (despite the fact that American football is just a really gay version of Rugby) that the superbowl can be really quite exciting, in fact it can be exhilarating. It’s like Rugby combined with Chess …PLUS it has cheerleaders, a halftime show & awesome commercials!

So who do I tip for Superbowl success you ask? Well, I simply don’t know.  Manning is a legend, Sherman has a lot of confidence, so I guess it’s anybody’s game. But what I do know, is that when I am on set & the script involves an American football (& I have access to a world class photographer ) that THIS happens!


Happy SuperBowl everybody, & may the best team win!

The Xbiz Awards 2014

So we won our first XBIZ award

Yep it’s true, a double WHAMMY at the porn awards this year. First off we got ‘best art direction’ at the AVN’s… then came XBIZ (which we also won!)



The AVN awards 2014

So we won ‘Best Art Direction’ for the 2nd year in a row.

Last year we won for Star Wars XXX, this year we won for ‘Underworld’…. PLUS Man of Steel XXX won for ‘Best Parody, Drama’, it was ‘awardtastic!’