Has it been that long?

I know, I know… my posts have been lacking recently, so here’s why.

Normally i post our random on set musings/our life in LA on here (not to mention the podcasts) but over the last few months we have both been SOOOOO busy that we simply haven’t had the time …PLUS my laptop died a while ago (along with all my editing software) so we haven’t even had the resources to do a podcast at all. GOD DAMN IT!!!

But on the plus side, i should be getting my laptop back this weekend, which means me & Kylie can continue to give you the oral version (that’s what she said) of life behind the scenes in porn & other mindless drivel! 

MEANWHILE, don’t forget that I also have a Tmblr blog (which I constantly update with bts pics every week) & our twitter/instagram feeds (google that shit) for what is happening in LA LA Land.

PS: My Tmblr page is NSFW btw, in fact it’s almost the very definition of NSFW… but click on this pic of me on set (below) if you wanna check it out.


Oh, and with that being said, don’t forget that me & Kylie are doing AIDS WALK LA again this year & that we would REALLY appreciate your support, so here are a couple more pics that also link through to our respective donation pages:

aids walk