Superhero porn!!

Got loads of pics from today, also got a great story from last night… however superhero porn guy has just left so I need food, here’s a couple of pics to keep you going!


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Have I got a story for you!!! WOW… but first sleep ūüėČ

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Hey …not Blogged today!

Damn it, last nights blog went through as last night!!! (I did it this morning!)

Anyway, …errr blog is ending, Kylie has an anal hook… she has just squirted everywhere!!! Gotta Go!!

PS Jeff can keep you company!

Kylie & her camera!

Hi everybody,

Forgive my ranting aboout Mevio early (the¬†bag of cunts!) but I was really really wound up, it’s just that we have spend SOOO much time on the podcast, only to find out that¬†Mevio couldn’t put a podcast site together if someone had a gun to their heads! (…GRRRR!) Meanwhile, we have to move on ….and try and find a new¬†host site.

Err… So what else has¬†happened today?

Oh YEAH, (like I could forget this!) had a great fuck this morning!!

Kylie was on form again (like, when is¬†she not on form?!) infact, i only lasted about 20 mins!!¬†(she just talks so much¬†nasty shit …sometimes I just can control myself!) …And¬†so I ended up fisting her (The romance of it all!!)

So,¬†apart from mailing & posting stuff on eBay, thats about it for the daytime part of¬† (a very sunny) Thursday…

This evening comprised of Kylie & her camera (see previous blogs about her incredible photography) I was just sat on the stairs having a cigarette¬†when she started taking pictures of me, she ended up taking about a¬†hundred (ish), and they were pretty fucking awesome (she even manages to make me look pretty!!!) but seriously, she is amazing at it, she just sees things we mere mortals can’t!!! ….i don’t know how she does it (magic eyes maybe?)

So I have asked her nicely and she said I can post a couple! (YAY) this one is my favorite, which she also did it black & white, hope you like!


The podcast is done… but!

Yeah, we did it….

A slight problem has arisen though, we had chosen Mevio to host the podcast and have discovered (and rediscovered today) that Mevio are a bunch of twats/retards/shit bags… with a fucking retard site!

Therefore, I have spent most of the day trying to find a podcast site that allows swearing and/or is free!

SO, the hunt continues…..

Back soon!


The podcast is uploading

Morning (well goodnight really!)

I have been rendering the sound on the podcast (really easy) & trying to upload it (really hard)… well I say really hard, it’s just that is¬†shit!! and by shit I mean NOT user freindly…. designed by ultra geeks or fucktards (or both), it SO HARD to work out!!! Me & Kylie eventually ended up shouting at the computer, then threatening it, then walking off in a huff!!

Anyway, I am leaving part 1 uploading (I think!) & will see to it in the morning….before computer goes out of window!

Will let you know what happening then…

Night all


I’m alive… barely!

God damn, sorry but I gotta tell you this! (Warning: this is NOT family friendly)

Just woken up… I’m checking for broken bones & missing body parts!!!

Last night (as previously stated) we went for noodles with Amber and¬†a good time was had by all, Amber is great, so much fun to be around,¬†she told us about her recent London adventure & then discussed love, life, horses¬†& porn….

When we got back me & Kylie chilled out for while talking (and eating Angel food cake!) and eventually, the subject got dirty, we ended up discussing previous sexual conquests for a couple of hours and then things got out of hand!!

Long story short, we started fucking on the stairs… HARD!! It was horny as hell, we were so wound up, I was pounding the absolute crap out of her and she just fucking took it (I have no idea how!!) By the time we got into the bedroom, we had almost lost our minds, it was SO HOT!¬† I bang her every which way from Sunday, totally using her (yet so emotional, the shit we were saying, God damn!!) Anyway, after I had filled her ass, she climbed on top of me and started to ride the hell out of me… until she decided to sit on my face and force feed me her pussy!!!

She was going crazy (FORCE feeding¬† is so apt!) so much so that I passed out!!¬†SHE COMPLETELEY SMUTHERED ME!!!¬†covering my mouth and nose¬†with her pussy until¬†I couldn’t breath… and how did she bring me round? she¬†SMASHED me¬†HARD around the face … 4 TIMES (my jaw is killing me this morning!)

After I came to, I instantly flew into a rage, threw her back down on the bed & banged her so hard I have no idea how I didn’t cut her in half ….but eventually it was all too much and so I sprayed (my man love!) all over her face (which she then licked up, the dirty dirty girl!)

Oh, it wasn’t over!!

I then grabbed 2 of her biggest dildos & double fucked her holes while she squirted everywhere (mental note: clean the sheets) …which also included¬†filling a glass with some, which then¬†included me drinking it! (sorry, did I mention I have issues!!)…. she then came like she was having her head ripped off!¬† THE NOISY LITTLE MADAAM! … God she’s good!

Oh! …and¬†then we continued with the ‘Angel cake fest’!!¬†

We eventually fell asleep in each other arms, ahhh, the romance of it all…..


PS Yeah I know, I’m bragging, fuck it!

PPS An for those of you who tuned in for noodle updates … here are Ambers noodles!

Back from noodles…

Hi everybody…

Back from noodles, Amber is all good, Kylie looks amazing, so its time for some rampant filth… goodnight all


PS Whilst waiting for Kylie to finish ”preparing” I made this banner ad !

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Check me out with my nerd skills!

Hi Everyone,

I would have blogged today but I had even more eBay stuff to do PLUS¬†I was making some banner ads for Kylie’s sites (see below)….

Anyway, I am off out with Kylie to meet up with Amber, we are going for noodles (surprize surprize) so i cant stop for long, haven’t seen her in ages, really looking forward to it….

So today (apart from eBay) I fucked the crap out of Kylie…. 3 TIMES!!! (who says I’m getting old!!)….

That is all…

Speak soon


Create your own banner at!

Create your own banner at!

Create your own banner at!

Create your own banner at!

Create your own banner at!

I have to blog everyday…

I am just wrapping up the day with eBay…. I will blog very shortly, be back very very soon…..

Meanwhile, here are some random photos, to keep you amuzed!