How do I summarize?

I am currently sat up in bed in downtown Los Angeles….. How did I get here?

Well, it all started in late November, early December whilst surfing around on twitter… I found a very attractive young lady called Kylie Ireland (yes the pornstar, don’t judge me, i wasn’t even sure at the time, she was just hot!!) besides I was building up a list of people to follow and her tweets were amuzing & dirty plus a bit mental so I thought, Why not?

Anyway, I left twitter for a while, only checking back in now and then to see who was saying what or what was on peoples minds and eventually picked up the courage (or worked out how to) send replies to peoples comments…. Kylies seemed to be very ‘Cats or sex based’ (2 of my favourite subjects) so I entered something cat based (or sex based) and away we went from there!

As with everything in life Cats = Sex (err ..apparently) and so Kylie & I set off on a whirlwind of dirty stories or cute Cat based photographic competitions (did I say it was surreal!) then next thing you know we are emailing each other complete filth about our daily or former sexual encounters (she being a complete whore and me being a semi retired Player)

After various letter writing adventures (over a very short period of time) we noticed that our stories, mannerisms, writing style and dare I say ”connections” were incredibly similar, no frighteningly similar, NO they were exactly the same…. it was strange, it was new… it was the best feeling in the world.

It became our hot topic of discussion, we would email (& DM through twitter) thoughts and feelings about each other 50 times a day, strange coincidences, timings of unusual daily situtions including thoughts of each other and … well stuff we didn’t understand, can I say former memories/future memories? Cause to this day they continue, they still grow for gods sake, we both swear we have been here before….. its not falling in love, its falling back in love, soulmates doesn’t even begin to explain it.

(oh and time seems to change around us, sometimes a day can be an hour, an hour can be a minute… just thought I would throw that one in there!)

So, you still with me? Do you think we are crazy yet? Right now, I am gonna take a break from ”probably the greatest love story ever told” and do some day to day stuff, I will continue shortly…..

Until then…


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