Catching up the blog

I have been SOOO busy!

Errr, not blogged for a couple of days, hectic, sorry, anyway, where was I !!

So, me & Kylie went to Ambers on Independence day, we baked cookies & honey corn bread, grabbed some beers & partied on!

Tim was there (@provillain on twitter)… met his wife & daughter, he played the guitar for a while, dead or alive by Bon Jovi was my particular favorite!

Amber is always a good laugh, very funny, she played beer pong, a game involving playing ping pong with beer…. awesome, me & Kylie watched for a while then went for a stroll (Amber lives on a farm with lots of horses)….

We ended up at the top of a big hill watching fireworks overlooking LA, it was quite romantic as I fucked her in the ass up against a big rock! After much sex, we then got into a really deep conversation about us & how in love we are, we talked for ages about Love, our lives & love… I fell for her all over again, I love this woman you know, I love her more every second, I wish I had the words to express it to you (although she gets it!)

Anyway, after a while, some random guy from down in the valley beneath us appeared shouting at us with his flash light!!! and then chased us off, we felt like kids as we ran off back down the hill to Ambers… it was funny!

When we got back, Amber had retired for the evening & was asleep, so we chatted to Jennie (Ambers housemate) for a bit… then came home for the most amazing sex, really intense, sometimes though, Kylie is SO intense, afterwards I just fall asleep completley exhausted!! (that’s the short explanation, Kylie would probably say it differently!)

The next day (yesterday), we headed over to the fallout shelter to take some packing boxes back & also pick up the cats, we now have them here at our new apartment, they are loving it & Kylie seems happier they are back with her…

So, apart from watching the Venture Bros & catching up on sleep, that’s it really, OH & Kylie left her phone at the haidressers…. that’s annoying! On my way to get it in a minute actually!

Finally, the webcams might be in tomorrow but I will leave the rest of that sentence to another blog!!!!


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