Todays events…

Good evening everybody…

So today was errand day! Got up, left Kylie in bed & went & sat by the pool just to take it all in… Living with Kylie is just sooo amazing, I really didn’t think this kind of happiness existed, until now!

When she arose (I was fighting temptation to teabag her for a while!) I made her breakfast & we planned the day, she was so cute this morning, she must have felt my thoughts by the pool cause she was all loved up & kept cuddling me 🙂

Anyway, this was our day:

  • Chiropracter for Kylie
  • Wash Car
  • Dinner – Sandwich & Sushi
  • Kylie then had a hair appointment

At that point we split up, so I took off in the freshly valeted car, cranked up the Bee Gee’s & headed 0n up to Chatsworth:

  • I took the truck Keys back
  • Picked up Kylie’s fan mail from her drop box
  • Grabbed some paint for the apartment

When I hooked up with Kylie later, we then went shopping for bathroom & Kitchen stuff, we contemplated buying leopard print everything (including a broom!) but saw sense in the end!

On the way back we picked up a chinese & realised she had left her phone at the hairdressers (which we still haven’t gone back to collect!)

As of right now, we are decorating and organising Kylie’s library of books…. and I am then going to do terrible things to her ass!

And that is that, I am being called over by Kylie to help in book selection, so I will say goodnight & see you guys tomorrow


PS Oh & I bought a new pair of trainers…. awesome!

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