We have been Married for 6 months!

Kylie & me got married on the 16th April this year, today is the 16th October… thats 26 weeks or 182 days or 4368 hours or 262080 seconds & I have loved every single one!

Kylie, I love you, thankyou for marrying me, I don’t deserve you, you are my world x x x

In the last 2 weeks since Louise left life has been filled with many things, camshows (surprise surprise) photo adventure days & other such Californian delights….

I know that I have been neglecting the blog, this has been partly because in our spare time recently we have decided to fill that gap with even more sex… yes more, the last 48 hours alone has seen a combined orgasm rate of about 18! So if my blogs are sporadic all i can do is apologize, so …err sorry!

Anyway, even though most of you are only in it for the pictures of Kylie I promise, no matter how long it takes, that I will continue the story of me & Kylie very very soon!


PS Oh and Donny Long is a spawny cunt!

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