Shoot out…

Hey everybody,

Me & Kylie have been chilling out today but a couple of hours ago our peace was broken by a swarm of low flying Police helicopters outside our apartment. Apparently (we discovered later) there was a police officer shot only a couple of miles away at a school. Luckily the officer in question was OK as he had on his bulletproof vest and, according to the news, is alive and doing well. 

However the police have been searching for the gunman all afternoon (hence the helicopters) & when one of the neighbours pulled into our back alley he discovered a horde of officers had him cornered!

On hearing this, we instantly went to check it out and found that the back alley had been blocked off and there was around 20-30 cops… PLUS the now apprehended gunman!

It was an ideal photo, so here are some pics (and the news report) of all the drama & a job well done by the boys in blue.


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