Always on standby…

Tonight Raylene turned up for her radio show with Kylie with seconds to spare due to the fact that she was on set, anyway just incase she was late or couldn’t make it i was on hand to fill in, so in true “Let’s try anything” style i had to write my own bio as an introduction to the show.

As you may or may not know i therefore wasn’t on the show to co-host so i decided to show you guys my intro, mainly because i think it’s amuzing but mainly because i have my own website & can put any old bollocks on here that i want.

Ah Thankyou.

“Andy Appleton is a big tits enthusiast from the North of England. He is a former nightclub impresario turned graffiti artist turned pornographic art director. His interests include staring at sun, convincing the world caffeine doesn’t exist, Bacon sandwiches & Shark wrestling. Andy’s turns on include big tits, tits that are big & tits that defy the basic laws of science. His turn offs include women with large faces, women with long lumpy toes & Raisins. Andy is probably most well-known for marrying that girl with the blonde hair & big tits from Babewatch.”

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