Morning in LA

It’s fucking raining…. WTF!

So I get rain but no Fish & Chip shops… doesn’t sem quite right to me, but hey ho, there you go, it’s still quite warm so fuck it!

Not much to report today, Flight home was good, went for Mexican food afterwards & then in bed by midnight… Although we were discussing part 9 of the story on the plane & have decided to make the Kensington week all one story as even though we have ”the book” it will just flow better so I am gonna start on that part tonight (promise)

OK, so I am sorting out eBay today, loads of stuff to mail out….

Speak soon


Leaving Miami…


I didn’t blog yesterday!!!! This was due to 2 reasons:

1. I was hungover from Miami Velvet….

2. I met up with an old friend from Malta & ended up in the pub most of the day!

So, to summarize, I went to Miami velvet on Saturday night with Kylie, Ethan, Lexi, Pheonix Marie, Trina Michaels (& her boyfriend Chris), Francesca Le (& her husband Mark….) What an entertaining evening, people having sex everywhere, a bit surreal but alot better than swingers clubs in England (thank fuck for that!!!!)

No (by the way) I am not a swinger, it was a PA for all the pornstars so we just hung out and acted cool… although Kylie did get it on with Trina Michaels for a bit (because she is a bit of a lezzer!!)… anyway, all good fun!

Got home at around 4am and fell asleep in a drunken stupour!!!

The next day Sunday, met up with Keith Pawlak & spent most of day in the pub, Kylie finished off at Exxxotica at 7pm & we went home and slept….. (its not ALLL rock n Roll you know!)…

Right now we are packing, our flight is at 6pm… I will mention though that we are running late because me & Kylie had 24 hours of sex to catch up on… I am a bit sore!!!

Anyway, going to waste time at the pool & grab some food, next time I blog I will be in LA….


PS here are some photos from Miami Velvet

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Exxotica day 1 (& a bit of 2)

Hey everybody…..

So yesterday was fun, Miami is kick ass, fist day at Exxxotica was surreal but a lot of fun, met some really fucking cool people, a few fans & basically ”kept if real” !!!!

So err, lots of semi naked people go to Porn conventions then …..and some strange people (and some strange semi naked people!) but all in all awesome, Ethan & Lexi are a lot of fun to hang out with, Sean Michaels is a really fuckin nice guy & Nina Hartley is just plain crazy (but in a nice way).. ooh & Ginger Lynn’s Dad…. a great fella!

Kylie’s seminar went well, started off quiet but it got busy eventually & she took the roof off (she is so fucking ballsy, she doesn’t give a fuck!!) then she signed some DVD’s & pics for all the fans in the Legends booth, seriously everybody was awesome….

After the show we went for some Sushi & then (yeah you know…) eventually going to bad about 3ish….slept like a log, the hotel has memory foam beds, mmmm…sleepy.

Today we spent all day it the pool (after sex) had a couple of burgers, went & sat in bamboo garden (had sex…twice) and we are now currently getting ready for Exxxotica day 2, tonight Kylie is doing a PA at a swingers club (there are a few of us going) which I am a bit apprehensive of due to 2 reasons 1. The last swingers club I went to was populated by Rose & Fred West lookalikes1 2. I have been fucked senseless by Kylie all day and am in serious amounts of pain, i can just about raise a smile!!!

Anyway… tomorrows blog will be interesting to say the least!

Until then, wish me luck


The day is ”Muggy”

Wow its hot… wet & hot!

So I forgot to mention last night that we announced officially that me & Kylie are married (infact married 4 weeks today!)…… Twitter went crazy but all in all a good response, loads of well wishers, I am definatley feeling the love =)

Back to today, we woke up to err… the running theme & then i went out to find food, so far Kylie is in the shower getting all ‘pornified’ for todays convention plus & she has a seminar on ”are women more hardcore than men?” (which i am REALLY looking forward to….)

I also can’t wait to meet some of her fans, a few follow me on twitter and they all seem really nice, so that should be fun… but I will keep you posted on todays events as they develop.

Meanwhile, I need a shower


PS was planning on part 9 after Miami cause there’s too much going on to stop & write….. haven’t forgotten don’t worry!

Miami Bitch

Hi, this is a quick one…

So we didn’t sleep last night, we fucked like mad!

We then set off to Miami, met up with Ethan & Lexi & fell asleep on the plane (the movie was ‘The tooth Fairy; its was awful!!!) Was gonna wake up Kylie to join the mile high club but she looked so cute, so gonna give it a whirl on way home!

Anyway, we had a driver take us to Hotel, got in and err (yes you guessed it) had sex…. then we met Lexi & Ethan & the pool, met some porno people & wet for Sushi…

After returning to hotel to get changed (again) we had really fucking rough sex, Kylie actually knocked me out!!! (she does like raping me….although not as much as I do!) and then we went out to a Porn party with everyone starring at Exxxotica Miami, it was really cool, we had a couple of drinks & then went for a stroll down south beach…. we had lots of love moments, it was beautiful, Kylie looked amazing… love love love.

Then we found cheesecake and brought it back to the hotel, we are now all kinds of nekkid & about to get into bed, I think i am going to shower her with love and hugs tonight because I am such the smitten kitten…. posted a couple of photos on twitter & facebook if you wanna look….

Meanwhile, Exxotica starts tomorrow so will keep you all posted on events


No sleep…

Wow!!! I really don’t have time to blog…. its 12.15am and we gotta set off for airport in 3 hours!

So a quick rundown of the day(ish)… made a chicken & bacon salad, pushed a tank, watched Kylie getting Nekkid for 2 hours, made a cup of tea, about to finish packing, rampant filth, shower… airport!

Speak soon


Busy as fuck

So much to fucking do…..

So far today done laundry, been to the bank, office depot, made breakfast, tidied up all whilst packing for Miami…. there is so much left to do, its mad!

I really dont have time to do part 9 today so apologies

Will try & do it in Miami but there will be alot of sex so I am not promising anything but bare with me for the time being!

Back in a bit


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So, me & Kylie got talking after last nights filth fest….. (hence the ‘seriously you all should be impressed’ comment!)

Anyway, we were talking about group sex & doing stuff with other people (we have been ducking in & out of this subject for weeks) and we have decided that we are too selfish to share…. is that bad?

We always planned on it but the problem is the stuff we get up to is so fucking awesome, yet so bad and so totally fucked up (with so much love!) we don’t want anyone else involved…. we just don’t, Kylie doesn’t want to share (well who would!) because she wants to keep me seperate from porn & all for herself & I don’t wanna share (I dont count the porn because its work, long story, i seperate it… but it is just work!) because I just dont wanna fuck anyone else…. now I know what some of you are thinking and yes it’s still Andy typing but I seriously have no interest in other women, my heart & my head are so totally focused on Kylie, I actually don’t think I COULD even if I was willing!!!!

So there it is, is this selfish or is this just what comes with such an intense emotional & physical connection?

Answers on a postcard please!


Can’t think of a good title for this bit…

It’s the end of the day, nothing to see here….

Just been eBaying some more of Kylie’s stuff, she has been filling her orders for her store and Ben (photographer downstairs) is playing his guitar, so all is good and feeling very chilled….

So, what else? Err… made Kylie & salad for dinner, followed by Steak & Brocholi (which I must check on how to spell!) I also couldn’t edit the podcast due to a technical issue so it looks like I won’t be able to do it before Miami.

Oh, we are going to Miami for Exxxotica on Thursday, Kylie has yet to pack, so that’s what she will be doing tomorrow, no doubt I will spend most of the day trying not to rape her as she does!

And that is pretty much it, was gonna give her a good bumming earlier but you know, sometimes shit gets in the way (you see what I did there!!) But we are looking good for landing now so I am gonna say goodnight, don’t go changing, look after mum & drive safely!

Till tomorrow then…


PS and how many times did I use the word ‘SO’ in this blog!