How do I Summarize part 10 (b)

Hi.. I’m back, so prepare for some great book quotes….

So, we are on Tuesday (day 3 at Marble Arch) and we had slept in, so much so, that by the time we caught up with Amber it was early evening and had ended up at the noodle place again (you just gotta love noodles!)…  Whilst there, we had a long chat about me & Kylie, Amber was really sweet & talked about how different Kylie seemed & how much of a difference I had made to her life, it was wonderful to hear, it is safe to say that I got on with Amber, she was great (and we are still good buddies, she is a diamond!) Anyway, we finished off the noodles and went back to the hotel, Amber was busy so we said our goodbyes for the day & headed up to the room…. Chaos then ensued!

Me & Kylie nearly killed each other this evening, to cut a long story short we had this rape / murder fantasy scenario that we kept teasing each other with and it ended up being let out the bag! Basically i kept choking her until she lost conciousness & then threatening to kill her as she slipped away!! Kylie then would come round to me & try fight me off (and lose badly!)…. we talked the most offensive shit to each other, it was quite dramatic (and trust me, if you are thinking WTF!… I have edited this down, it was worse that that!) Anyway, we eventually fell asleep for about an hour or so, I was feeling really insecure when i woke up (we had messed with each others heads so much!) so we talked about the whole situtation & some of the things we said & did to each other and by the end of it, all was well with the world, Kylie convinced me that it was all just another part of our journey (seriously, I felt bad for forcing myself on her even though it was pre-arranged) although I have no issues doing it now, she loves it!…We ended the conversation by having more sex and then I finished her off with 2 dildos! (again, edited but I wrote this session down play by play in ‘the book’ ….I ended the paragraph with ”An amazing fuck!!”)

Ok, we are now on Wednesday (day 4) which involved a date we nicknamed ”Romantic pie diner!” .. this was the day when we went and had pies in Selfridges food hall… we just sat there with 2 little boxes of  pies (with mashed potato!) in one of the busiest  stores in London like we were the only people on earth! IT WAS so romantic… it really was, we just stared at each other and shared pies…. we talked about us, about what we were going to do in LA and about excited we were knowing that we would be back together only a month after she left… (I am sat here thinking about how far we have come since then, i also have the biggest smile in the world right now, i remember every word she said to me that day… it was a great moment)

SO, Thursday came around, this is what I wrote in the book, it says it best:

  • We took some photos
  • We have adopted Amber & regularly feed her
  • I chewed on Kylie for about an hour!
  • We had sex in the shower… with foam burst gel!
  • We went for an Italian with Amber
  • Fucked like crazy
  • Double a**l, double V**
  • F***ed her pussy… (thats not fucked!!)
  • She stuck her ….(I am not gonna finish this bit but I have a great photo of it!!!)

And that was Thursday!!! get the picture….?

(Yet another side note: At this moment in time it’s 11.55pm & I need sex… so am gonna go and attack Kylie, I will finish this bit soon!!)


How do I summarize part 10 (a)

I know its been a while, I apologise but sitting down to write the story of me & kylie takes ages & recently, I really haven’t had 2 or 3 hours spare…. Anyway, I will stop apologising and continue!

So, we had had or last day in Kensington, I had cooked everything left in the Kitchen, we had eaten, booked a new hotel (try finding a decent hotel in London for 3 weeks) & before you know it, we had jumped in a taxi and were on our way to the new location (Marble Arch) for our final week together!

OK, It was Sunday afternoon, Kylie’s friend Amber (who knew everything about us) was flying in from the USA, we had arranged to met her at the airport & bring her over to the hotel (where she was also staying) Anyway, we got to the  hotel & checked in, there was a bit of confusion with the room & we had to wait for a bit but eventually we got upto the room, unpacked & set off on the tube to Heathrow airport.

A tube journey later and we are waiting at arrivals (I had bought the wrong tube tickets by the way!!) when Amber turns up she is a bit jet lagged with loads of luggage. This was my first impression of her: REALLY nice, talks loads, unbelievably friendly &  loves horses…. and noodles!

SO I sat there, evesdropping, as Kylie & Amber talked and talked about life in LA, life in London, Horses & noodles ….all the way back to the hotel.

When we returned, there was more confusion about Amber checking in and so I nipped to the shop & got some Jelly Babies (a Tom Baker/Dr Who reference) & some pickled onion monster munch (which Kylie didn’t believe existed!) by the time everything was sorted, Amber needed sleep & so she went to her room, unpacked…. and then we went out for noodles!

Whilst in the noodle restaurant (that we nick named ‘Wigwams’… because the sign outside looked like it said Wigwam!) I discovered what its like to be in public with 2 porn stars… its fun! Every other word is ‘anal’ or some intense sex reference, which means if pay attention at everyone else in the restaurant, all you see is jaws dropping or mouths wide open, it was fucking hilarious!! (and the noodles were good)…. oooh, something else I remember about Amber is how much she can eat!!! seriously!!! she is really thin, REALLY THIN!! but she eats and eats and eats, I have no idea where she stores it!! It’s impressive to watch (and also quite confusing!) anyway by the time we had eaten, it was back to the hotel, Amber was tired, the jetlag had kicked in and she retired to her room. Me & Kylie then went back to our room… and (I stopped writing in the book for some reason, so I actually don’t know what we did!)

The next day, Amber & Kylie were busy for a couple of hours so I nipped to go & see the Banksy film ‘Exit through the gift shop’ at the most pretentious cinema I have every been to ‘The Curzon’… it was a REALLY cool place, the film was brilliant and so afterwards I headed back to the hotel to catch up with the Kylie on events with her & Amber….. That night Kylie got dressed up for me in MASSIVE HEALS & we ended up taking loads of photos in the mirror, it was HOT!! I eventually ended up fucking her with an N-Joy (it makes her squirt!) and err… well lets just say, it’s a good job I was thirsty!

After that (very wet!) event, we were sat in bed talking, about allsorts really but we stated talking about the fact we didn’t have much time left, we didn’t know what was going to happen when we left each other & when we would see each other again…. we had talked about her coming to England for a while to stay with me but that would have been ages away, as she has a job, a business & a whole different life. I couldn’t wait that long, I just couldn’t, I was SO in love with her, I didn’t want to spend months waiting (I mean I would have, it’s just that, I didn’t want to!)… Kylie felt the same, so we talked about me coming to LA & spending a few months together over there, infact we did more than talk about it, we set a date for me to go over, basically when she left, I was gonna follow her there a month later….  it was a relief to talk about, I was almost terrified thinking about life without her, we sat there in bed & eventually fell asleep in each others arms, content.

(Sidenote: its taken me hours to this bit, I keep getting distracted by life again… so I am gonna wrap it up after day 2 & pick it up on day 3 later this evening)


How do I summarize part 9

I really dont know where to begin… because I suppose this is where the story takes of on a real physical yet more emotional level, even though we have been through so much at this point!

Me & Kylie talked about this part on the plane back from Miami, its kind of like a day in a week (or a week in a day!) It’s the part where memories became reality and day to day life became normal, I mean we have the book with dates in but it doesn’t really make sense on a daily timeline, we were so lost in ourselves that it melts into one long story, this week was by far the best week of my life…..

SO we moved hotels, it was midday(ish) when we moved, we had spent sometime surfing around the web trying to find somewhere, we wanted somewhere out of the way, cute and somewhere that we could almost call ‘home’, eventually we decided on a place in Kensington, it was like an apartment, it had self catering, a living room & kitchen, you know ”apartment like”.. it was also cool as fuck!

SO we checked in, unpacked, errr had sex and whilst lying there afterwards decided we should go out into the real world, there was a park down the street and Kylie had suggested taking some pictures of us….. so off we went!

SIDENOTE: The first photo she took was us kissing in the lift…. (an amazing moment in time captured perfectly)

We stopped at Tesco on the way, picked up some bread for the swans… (it was Hyde park, there had to be swans right?) then we mooched around talking about our history, family, freinds etc all whilst taking photos of each other, I got some great ones of Kylie (especially of her being attacked by swans) she got some great ones of me …..and as the day got darker we decided to go for noodles (the start of our continuing noodle romance!!).

After noodles, we went back to tesco and did some shopping (oh yeah, normal stuff, everyday chores, even that was romantic) We went fuckin cheese & brioche crazy!! I also bought LOADS of pancake mix so I could make her breakfast everyday (as an aside I still make her breakfast everyday) we then went back to the hotel & coninued with ”The list”….

Here’s the list (edited for family members & faint hearted):

1. F**ting

2 A**l F**ting

3.Double A**l (which turned into Triple!)


5. F**ting whilst A** F**king

6. Face R**e

7. Feeding Her C** from her A**

8. Cupping

9. A**l Speculum (which i err… ****** in!)

10. Squirting  (and D***king it)

11. Bondage

12. Choking & Asphixiation

13. Snake (33 INCHES!!)

14. The Spiked paddle (she was in agony!)

15. Porn night (hey she is a porn star!)

16. Bloodplay (she carved her name into my chest!!)

17. Knifes (errr.. violent R**e)

18. W**** S*****

Anyway, we basically plowed through the list over 7 days, mixing it up and getting more extreme… all while being madly in love, at times it was aggressive, it was also emotional, it was even tender at times, I know some of it sounds fucked up (which it was) but it was apt… I can’t say anymore! ….and at the end of the week I hand drew her a certificate for accomplishing it all! AMAZING!! (even though NOW we are onto much more fucked up things!)

So day 2 we woke up, I made her pancakes (then back to the list) and we decided to try and cover all of Hyde Park, she took loads of photos, some cracking ones of the Albert memorial, err.. fancy ducks, knarley trees & a blue dog! The best it of the day was when we found a free art exhibition in a wierd little building in the middle of the park, it had the most crazy rubbish inside ever… example: a bed in front of a window, suspended above the bed was a old TV playing Maggie Thatcher sat down staring but on repeat, infront of the same window (built into it) was an old Toshiba cooker panel with a flashing clock and 2 random dials!!!  ….i moved one of the dials and got shouted at!!! It was really wierd, just loads of confused people walking in circles trying to look educated at art, we could not stop laughing, we left before we got thrown out!

Then we went to the pub, Kyie wanted ”proper pub grub” so I had bangers & mash… Kylie had Steak & Ale pie and fell in love with it, she ate loads of pies in london because of it, she still misses pies (most pies are sweet over here!)

Then we went home & back to the list& stayd up late talking, writing in the book, falling in love, to and from the list and more love… and talking!

Day 3 I woke up early (Kylie fucked me till I passed out the night before… I mean passed out with exhaustion, she continued to fuck me until she realised i was unconcious…. but finished off anyway!) So i was feeling guilty and therefore went to find a borrow boy,  bought her a dozen roses, crept back to the hotel and woke her with & breakfast in bed (I made a make shift vase out of a plastic milk bottle)… we stayed in bed all day that day.. it was pornstar day (the list)… it was a good day!

On Day 4 we got up late, (the list went on until ridiculous o’clock the previous day)…. Kylie had the radio show (pre recorded) that night and so we had to be up late listening to it,  we just messed around inside all day, we had a bath together, I cooked, we talked, we had sex infront of the mirror, she took photos of it and then photoshopped me with lots of hair!!! (we call that photo ”love with hair”…..) and then did laundry!

Day 5 We got up early and (yes the list!!!!) then we headed out so Kylie could take photos of cemetries (photography is her passion) we went to Kensall Green Cemetary, took photos all the way on the tube (see train hole) & arrived at 3ish, we wandered around for hours (this place is massive, really old!), i also took photos of her taking photos… when the sun started going down we headed home…. errr, except it had closed, the fences were bolted and we were locked in!!!!  We then spent an hour trying to escape, we eventually found a fence that wasn’t that high (only about 10ft!) and before you know it, Kylie had scaled it and was sat looking at the drop … she jumped down and looked at me like ‘your turn bitch”, so i took up the challenge but got spiked on the fence and ripped my jeans! (apparently growing up in Colarodo gives you cat like abilities!!) Anyway, we got back about 9ish and so went for more pies in the pub… we had such a fun time, we were a bit battered and bruised, so we decided to attck the list (like you do!)

On the last day in Kensington, I cooked everything we had left in the kitchen for breakfast… there was loads, cheeses, toast, salads, biscuits.. just loads… we then packed and headed out to the next hotel at Marble Arch!!!

In the next part, Our week in Marble Arch…

Enjoy the photos…..


How do I summarize part 8

Well, part 7 took me ages because it was just so massive, therfore part 8 won’t be so long….. after a 10 hours emotional sex epic, we needed sleep!

So, we are still in bed watching the world go by, the conversation we were having was just incredible, even though we had been talking for weeks & we knew each other inside & out, obviously we were so full of emotion we both wouldn’t shut up!

We talked about the journey we had both taken to get there, how we felt when we met, how we felt whilst we were having sex, how we felt at that moment (we already knew but we just wanted to talk about it!) but mainly we talked about our connection and how we were now both SO convinced (and a bit relieved) that it was real…..

Again we lost time, when one of us decided we needed food, we hadn’t eaten in hours & our stomachs were growling that much it was starting to drown us out, so we threw on some clothes & headed out into the world to find a cafe.

It was mind blowing walking around London in the daylight, we held hands, we cuddled, we stared at each other (Kylie kept poking me & saying ‘are you real’) infact we just kept walking around the block chatting forgetting the purpose of what we were there for (I have never smiled so much ever, my jaw was killing me)…. we eventually found a cafe & went for something to eat.

As we were sat in the cafe we just couldn’t stop talking, she looked stunning (fucked & so beautiful) and seriously, we just didn’t stop telling each other how we felt, the waitress came back about 3 times because we didn’t even look at the menu ( I have no idea what we ate, I thing she had crepes!) and yet again we talked… we talked, we talked, both of us trying to comprehend the enormity of what just happened, our journey and how we felt.

After food the conversation started to change, errr.. it got dirty, then filthy, then disgusting, then we were heading back to our hotel to start all over again (at this point we should be winning awards…. here comes round 2!)

SO we are back at the hotel, we were naked in seconds & we were deep into everything disgusting we could think of (and we thought of alot, infact we wrote a list!) God damn we were tired but it didn’t stop us, we were tearing into each other yet again only stopping to say I fucking love you (or some kind of warped instruction!)

After about an hour or so (more lost time) we were lying there exhausted, again holding each other & falling even deeper in love…  the world slipped away, we fell asleep in each others arms, content, together & finally complete.

I woke up, it was dark, we had been asleep all day, we hadn’t moved, we were lying in exactly the same position, she was cuddled up in my arms (just to clarify I am 6ft 4, I had her scooped up and it was almost like she was buried inside me) she opened her eyes and smiled at me….. wow, I fucking love this woman.

We led there for a while talking (do you see a running theme!) and so we thought we should go to the store (there was a Sainsburys across the street) and get provisons as it was obvious we were going to be up all night (again!), whilst at the store we also bought a book, a big book & some pens, we had to document this, these moments had to be written down, we had started our journey for real and we didn’t wanna forget a single second (that same book is full, we filled it over the next 2 weeks, its sat next to me as I type, the best idea ever, you should all do it!)……

We got back to the hotel room and ate (there was alot of cheese!) we also took some photos of London at night …..and then we fucked, we fucked and then we err.. fucked, it was even crazier than the night before, we did stuff that neither of us had done (and thats saying something!) we also wrote a huge list in the book of what we needed to do (and we did them all, we even added more to it later over the next 2 weeks, just wait till i get to the knife incident!) so basically we stayed up all night having sex until the sun came up….. (see running theme number 2!)

And that is part 8, in part 9 we move hotels to Kensington, we have adventures in parks & so much more (apart from disgusting sex & filthy love!)

Will try to get it done tomorrow, attached are some photos from day 2.


How do I summarize part 7….

SO I am at the train station in Southampton, an hour away… a fucking hour away from Kylie, I think I am stuck in an alternate reality, can this all be real? Can we really be this in love? After a couple of months we are ONLY JUST about to meet!…. How can that be?

BUT IT WAS REAL, my heart was telling me it was real, my mind was full of every word we have said to each other, I could feel her… I know how that sounds but I could feel her!!!!

SO I get on the train, I have my iPod on & am listening to ”our soundtrack” a compilation of all the songs we listen to… you know ”our soundtrack”. My mind is completley focused on Kylie, I have no gameplan, i have no idea what is going to happen, I am just living in the moment and trusting all my instincts… I have completley let go of any fear, I am going to let fate sort this one out.

SO after an hour or so I land in London (my heart is pounding all the way)… I text her ”I am here, I am minutes away”…. I jump on a tube & head towards her hotel (I am actually early) when I get a text back saying ”so excited, getting ready for you, text me when you are in the lobby”

And within 5 minutes, I am in the lobby, I have taken a photo on my phone of the Hotels sign & text it her ”guess were I am?”… She texts me back ”I am still getting ready, wait for me there, I want to be perfect for you”

And so I take a seat and wait….

Time drags so slowly, I was only there for 15 minutes but it seems like forever, i am just concentrating on keeping my heart as calm as possible, its pounding out of control & I feel faint….. seriously I am so excited i wanna pass out!!!

(SIDE NOTE: At this moment in time Kylie has gone out for the day, she has doctors appointments & has gone to the store, she just texted me ”are you writing the story, I can feel you so much right now”…. Isn’t she amazing, she knows every move I make!!)

Anyway, back to the story….

SO I am sat in the lobby when my phone goes ”Come to me, I can’t live without you anymore” (and directions to her room)… I spring up, text ”on my way” and jump into the lift, my phone goes again ”shall I leave the door open”… I text back ”yeah, leave open”

I get to her floor & take another set of steps up to her room, I suddenly stop as I see the room….. I have to take this in, this is a massive event & my heart feels like it is going to burst, so I stand there & breathe deeply trying to calm myself, when suddenly I hear her door click open on latch… I smile & suddenly I feel different… it’s her, I feel her, its a strange feeling unlike anything i have felt before, it gives me strength, I grab my suitcase, walk towards the door, push it open & enter…..

I am stood in front of her for the first time, (SOS is playing on her stereo!)she is leaning on the window facing me from across the room SHE LOOKS AMAZING…. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, I MEAN JUST INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL, THE MOST STUNNING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN, her heart is pounding like mine, her chest is rising & falling as we stare at each other as I let go of my suitcase and prop myself up against the wall next to me, leaning on it as we just continue to stare into each others eyes…. I eventually say ”Hey you” & we start to walk towards each other, the next thing I know I have her in my arms and we are smothering ourselves in the worlds biggest & deepest kiss, I lift her off the floor & she wraps herself around me, we are just kissing so deeply, she has her hands on my face & I am holding her so tightly, we manage to get the odd word out ”I love you, I have missed you, my god you are real, we are here”… all kinds of stuff but what I remember most was the kisses, stopping occasionally to look at each other and then kissing some more…. I eventually push her up against the wall (whilst she is still in my arms) & we continue to kiss so deeply for what seems like hours….. I am sat here smiling just thinking about it, I can still smell her on me from that day, it was fucking awesome…. fuck me, she looked beautiful.

SO this is where time vanishes, I remember it being about 10.30pm when we started but seriously TIME NOW VANISHES!!!

We fall onto the bed, I am on top of her and we are  kissing like we have never kissed anyone before, my hands are all over her, touching her, feeling her… completley living in the moment, we are so lost in each other the world ceases to exist, we move around the bed, she is on top, I am on top, we are side by side ….and over the course of the next few hours we slowly undress each other (yes hours!) as we kiss and talk and laugh and cry and kiss.. and err kiss!!!

Eventually we are both naked, she looks fucking amazing naked, Jesus fucking Christ amazing!!! I mean I see her naked everyday and it still blows me away but the FIRST time I see her… goddamn…. GODDAMN!!! She has curves everywhere yet she is so thin, her body is just amazing, her perfect ass, legs that go on for days (she even has pefect feet!) and the biggest, roundest most perfect tits I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot of tits!!), she also has a tatoo on her ankle, across her shoulders, one on the small of her back but the one that drives me crazy is she has an entire sleeve down her right arm… its horny as hell!!!

At some point when we were naked she was on top of me, the words had slowly (over the period of time) gone from how much we love each other to…. well let me just say the most disgusting (yet strangley loving) filth I have ever heard, the stuff that came out of our mouths was just wrong!!! Passion had kicked in and we were heading for the ‘fuck of the century’…. at this stage I just wanna point out that I had had a hard on for about 4 or 5 hours, I was a bit errr… well you know…. 5 FUCKING HOURS C’MON I am only human (or so I thought!)

She then looked down at me with an almost evil look, then smiled at me & slapped me hard across the face, i mean she smashed her hand right across my fucking face HARD and growled ”now fuck me”…. it sure did the trick!!

I was suddenly the size of a small elephant again (hey its my blog, I’ll put what I want!) and then I fucked her, I beyond fucked her…. I double fucked her, no I think I actually triple fucked her, I fucked her into next week, back again & then fucked her some more…. it was practically abuse (fuck it, it was abuse!) we tore into each other for hours (I said I wasn’t human!!) and it was amazing, she came, i came, we came, there wasn’t any rules… nothing was off limits….  she came, i came, we came, it just didn’t stop, we didn’t stop….the sun came up….. we didn’t stop….. until eventually (time had vanished remember) both completley exhausted we collapsed into each others arms.

We are now just clinging onto each other (wet through, fucked up & totally immersed in each other)… AND WE WERE STILL KISSING!! eventually  just sitting up in bed, touching, stroking each other & watching out the window as london woke up. 

It was so perverse, so fucked up what we had just done (to each other!) but as we sat there I have to say it was the most romantic moment, it was beautiful, we held each other talking about us, how we got here & just staring at the world as it came back into focus….. This is when I truly discovered what love is, two people with such an incredible connection, speaking without words, our minds & bodies completley together, so happy, so content with no boundaries, like one person…..  yet this is only the beginning, this was the first night, what we have just grows over the next few weeks, it is still growing as I type this blog months later, we are so very lucky to have found each other again (and it is again, because I have known Kylie forever, this is NOT our first time around, it’s impossible for me to think that it is)

So as we sit there, we capture the moment, she takes photos of what we see & I take photos of her… she is so beautiful, I can’t help myself, we took some great photos so I am attaching them to this part of the blog… (I’m also attaching Kylie’s version, remember I told you about the book we wrote in London? Well, its what she wrote in it!)

This was the best day of my life so far and there is so much more to come….

I will start on part 8, the following day (which is a continuation of this day) tomorrow…

Thanks for reading, it’s appreciated, I think Kylie’s version is much better but I LOVED telling you mine… =) 



I could feel you downstairs. Your heart was beating so fast.

I felt so bad that I was having to take so long to get ready, especially with you waiting, but I wanted to look as perfect as possible the first time I met you. Well, met you in person. Standing before me.  My heart raced as I finished getting dressed and looked in the mirror, smiling. I looked good. I was confident, excited. I picked up my phone and texted down to you:

“Come to me.  I can’t live without you anymore.”

“On my way.”

“Go to the 11th floor, stairs to the 13th”, then thinking back to our earlier conversations, I texted “Do you want me to leave the door open or….?”

Minutes passed and I didn’t get a text back. I was sad, knowing you didn’t get the text, that you were probably in the lift. There was a mirror on the back of the hotel room door and I stood looking into it, knowing any moment you would be on the other side of the door, pausing as I was now. Your heart reaching out to me…   I pressed my palms on the door and closed my eyes, reaching out to you, feeling, listening….

Then my heart stopped. I felt you. Or was I insane? I pictured you standing on the stairs, right outside the fire door, which was right outside room RT2. It was quiet though, no movement, no creaking of the stairs…must be my imagination. Then a text came through.

“Yeah, leave open.”

My heart skipped a beat, knowing you were on the landing of the stairs, right outside my door.  I stepped to the door and unlocked it, turned the handle and opened it, the sound it made seemed deafening as I did it and I was acutely aware that you too were hearing the same sounds as I was. We were close enough to each other to share the same sounds.

Stepping away from the door I press play on the mp3 player and the so- familiar SOS starts. I take a deep breath and glance around the room, not sure where to go…I lean against the windowsill, the fabulous view of the London skyline filling the picture window behind me.  As I placed my hands on the edges of the sill I was shocked at how they trembled…

There is a heavy thickness in the air, yet undeniable electricity.

The door opens and you step inside, silently you lean against the wall and your eyes rest on me. You are smiling and I take a deep breath as we look into each other’s eyes. The longest moment in the world passes. Then:

“Hey… you.”

At that moment the world around us no longer exists, the connection complete, time irrelevant and everything becomes a blur in my mind. We are one at last, I have come to you; to England, and you have come to me; in London. It is an epic, life altering adventure to us. We are meeting for the first time, yet reuniting after years lost…

Smiling, tears in my eyes… “Hey…you.”

We meet in the middle of the room and you are kissing me, deeply, passionately…so much joy, wonder, excitement, so much love. I am lost in your kisses and I realize I am being lifted off the ground and spun around; I wrap my legs around you, squeezing you tightly, kissing you deeply, smiling between kisses. I melt into you. You pin me against the wall continuing to drown me in your kisses.  There are words, however they are scattered and although deeply meaningful to us, are merely fragments of sentences and random words in the real world.

 My arms are around your neck…all over your body, pulling you closer to me…but mostly my hands are on your face – your handsome and so familiar face – and I hold it in my hands between kisses and stare into your endless dark eyes as I fall in love with you again and again.

I can’t believe it’s really you, that you are real, and here, now…in my arms.  We are talking, marveling, rolling, laughing, caressing…only we exist. Suddenly, three…maybe four hours have gone by, and we didn’t realize it. We spend the entire night lost, loving each other, bound by our beautiful, unexplainable connection, wallowing in our pure happiness, tearing each other apart.

As the sun rises over London we begin the first chapter of the rest of our lives.

How do I summarize part 6

Welcome back,

This is where the story REALLY speeds up…..

We have a couple of days to London, so I have sent her a mobile phone in the post with unlimited internet & text messages so we can get hold of each other all the time whilst she is there without me (she is there for a month but working the first & 3rd week, we decide to the meet up during week 2 & week 4)….

However the phone doesn’t turn up in time! (God damn British postal service!!)

On the day before she left for London, I rang her (only for about the 2nd/3rd time) & we talked for about meeting up logistics, how excited we were, skype (i hadn’t got my webcam yet) but mainly it was just I love you, I love you, I love you….

Then she set off, it was wierd because I didnt talk to her for like 11 hours, the biggest break we had had for weeks but hey fuck it, she was only gonna be 200 miles away from instead of 5000!

As an aside, whilst she was in London I was gonna drive down to my sisters in Southampton, with my other sister, (i have 2 super cool sisters btw) a couple of days before & then get the train to london from there. At this stage out of my freinds this is who knew the whole story, Mick, Richard, ‘The Copelands’ & Becci (My sisters & a couple of my family knew some of the story but not everything) eitherway they were all dead excited for me to see what happened next….

When she landed she rang me, we were like 2 school kids so fucking excited, we chatted for about 10 mins and then she set off to sort out baggage, taxi & to get to her hotel (all whilst we texted the entire journey)….. I then rang her at the hotel (after afew hiccups) & then we talked all night until she fell asleep all jet lagged!

OK… The next day we skyped!

I had my webcam & she rang via her computer…. we could see each other, we could hear each other… FUCKING AWESOME…. we talked all day (except while she was at work, she is a pornstar, so work is errr… well you know!)

She would Skype whilst getting ready for work, whilst eating, whilst getting in bed & even whilst showering… skype/skype/skype, seriously the best invention ever! We would have sex via skype/ we would sit & stare at each other via skype, we just LOST HOURS AND HOURS ON SKYPE! It went on for 5 days!!!!!!

Then I had to go to my sisters…..(an hour away from her!)

I had a great time in Southhampton, catching up with everyone especially my nephew Alex, he is only 7 or 8… unfortunatley he is quite poorly as he has a rare blood disease but he is tons of fun & we had a blast, the whole Southhampton trip was great, everynight I would Skype, we still used to chat for hours & then set up our webcams so we could sleep together, it was cute, she was cute, even I WAS CUTE… (you see, I am falling in love with her all over again just telling the story of Skype)… just an awesome moment in my life…. sigh x

SO The week is here, I am stood at the train station in Southhampton… she is waiting for me in London….

I am attaching photos, will talk about London in part 7

Back very very soon….


How do I summarize part 5

And we continue….

So, the countdown is on, we are IMing non stop, even when Kylie goes out or is on a set she has her phone to IM with her & we are talking pretty much all the time…

We also have a game we play, when I am asleep we time how long it will it take her to wake me up…. which was very rarely more than 2 minutes (and I sleep like the dead!!!)

So, apart from the impressive collection of photos & audio recordings we are both collecting we are also using snail mail to send each other things, I sent her things like T-shirts that smell like me, a sonic screwdriver (honestly!!)  & teabags, she sent me videos of her, printed copies of her photography & other personal things…. all while the countdown continues!

2 weeks before we met she went to Dallas & spent all night (give or take an hour or so) in her hotel room talking to me, we discussed Skype & she errr videoed herself err…doing stuff & err …talking to me about err… what we were gonna do (basically greatest video ever, I still watch it!!)

So just before she set off for London we both set up Skype & then discussed what it woud be like to actually see each other, Kylie had an idea whereby we typed the story of what we thought into a word document and then copied & pasted at the same time to see what they were like, I thought it was a great idea, so we did…..

So during the same conversation we did it, it took maybe 10-20 mins, we copied & then on the count of 3 we hit paste together, IT WAS INCREDIBLE, almost word for word the same description, even down to the room!  The connection we felt was enormous, we laughed, we cried, we were so in love… and we were only 1 week away from each other….

Gonna stop right there, in my next blog I am gonna talk about London & Skype…. You will love that bit, it fucking super dooper awesome.

Stay tuned


How do I summarize part 4

You see this one is the tough one….

So far we are upto Vegas, amongst audio clips & photos, I have sent her loads of songs that I like …but two in particular REALLY remind me of her (bearing in mind we haven’t met!) Arctic Monkeys – SOS (I still call her my SOS girl) & Athlete – Wires. We had a conversation before Vegas & she told me those were her favourite out of all the songs… the fact she knew without me saying still makes me smile, when we used to ”connect” via IM we would sit & just listen to them, only saying the odd word or phrase as we did (the amount of times we would hit enter & our words matched was unbeievable!!)

Anyway I have to move on from this area because there is so much more to talk about, this happened daily, for hours, such intense emotion, such an amazing connection…. but I am moving on, you get it right?

So, after Vegas, Kylie managed to organise a trip to London to see me… FOR 3 WHOLE WEEKS!!!) & everyday I would get more info, she emailed me the ticket, the flight details & then we would start the countdown to when we meet, every day…NO, 100 times a day, she would ask & I always knew down to the second how long it would be until I was with her, till we were together, it was AMAZING…. it made both of us so happy to know we would finally get to see each other (again?), to touch, to see if what we had was real (We already knew but we had both began to discuss it with close friends (hello Mick & Amber!) so I suppose it was kinda for their benefit really because I suppose a part of them thought we might be insane!!)

So the connection is growing, our hearts are racing & we are getting closer, falling deeper in love, having discussions about stuff we have done & on a daily basis, stuff we have experienced (all very smililar to say we have such different backgrounds) & everyday more & more future memories, I mean loads, tons, so so so many…. up until then probably the happiest stage of my life.

SO I suppose I better tell you about when we both wrote a seperate story about how we meet & then compared the story at the same time… I also better mention when we started with Skype….. Skype was fucking amazing!

However, I am gonna tell you that in part 5, so digest this bit & I will be back soon 😉

OOh & before I go, thanks for reading by the way!


How do I summarize part 3

Ok… a quick one

So me & Kylie at this stage are IM (ing) & DM (ing) like teenagers, love sick crazy teenagers (except for the disgusting photos!!)…..

I mentioned earlier about Vegas & sending audio clips but prior to that we had been sending photos & having conversations about us & our normal lives, Kylie is an amazing photographer & we had a couple of days of her sending me pics of hotel signs & other bits she has a passion for, it was about then when we REALLY connected, i could see why she had taken them, what she was trying to express & why, she also knew stuff about me that was really personal too (she told me my relationship history, i didn’t tell her… SHE TOLD ME!!! I still don’t know how she did it, it was amazing!) (PS I knew her middle name…. that was also wierd!)

Anyway, we are falling in love, we are SOOO falling in love, very other word before we told each other was ‘love’…. all in context but you know just obvious that we free falling into something special…

So at the moment I am sat with Kylie trying to work out when we said it, I could go through all the IM’s but it would take hours…. I mean hours! It wasn’t long after we started IMing, maybe a week, although I know i was an amazing day… how do 2 people connect like this, have a physical reaction through a computer !!! Cause we did (understatment), I mean I have known ALOT of women in my life & had some pretty great times but compared to this… NOTHING COMES CLOSE!!

I am gonna apologise again for summary, there is just too much, so so so many things i could say, emotions, feelings, all that kinda stuff but it’s all TOO big to grasp, not that you wouldn’t get it… no fuck it, you wouldn’t get it, we still don’t get it, we just decided a long time ago to let it go & see what happens, almost like we were passengers in this (which was truly a great idea, very freeing…)

I am upto the audio part about now (so stay with me)…. I am sending audio clips, we are in love, its growing & getting bigger, we are also having discussions about meeting in London, she is actually trying to organise it & emailing people….

So that’s were we are at, when I continue I will summarize NYE, talk about Arctic Monkeys, attach some example photos, update more about London developing & I gotta mention Mick somewhere!!

Stay tuned for the continuing adventures…..


How do I summarize part 2

Ok, where was I….

As I sit here Kylie is reading one of the stories she emailed me when we first ”connected” ……

(you will here ”connected” alot during this story, just accept it, neither of us are spiritual people but we just connect, mentally, physically emotionally & ”something else we don’t understand”)

Anyway it was called ‘Flash’ & as she re-read it for the first time for months she leaned over & kissed me, she had a look in her eye that now just seeems so familiar to me… but it always has (even before we met) she then said ”how did I know?” ”I could have written this an hour ago!” you see this is my point, we had conversations months ago about what we are doing right now, we both firmly believe this isn’t the first time we have met, been in love or been together… I know it’s mad (especially if you know either of us!) but there it is…… let me continue the story, I will try & make it make sense to you.

SO, we are emailing each other, DMing each other 50 times a day…..

One day I get an email from her, are you on IM? I replied no but downloaded yahoo messenger and then said yes…. we connected for our first real time conversation later that day, it was awesome, we talked for hours about everything, why/ what/who… I mean everything, this was the beginning of the story of how we truly realised we were.. no fuck it, this is the story of how we had already fallen in love and we had found each other again.

The conversations developed over the next few days (roughly 12 hours a day!!) she would carry her laptop around the house chatting with me (and because of the 8 hour time difference) I would stay up all night… we sent photos, lots of photos, some of them naked, some of them cuddled up in bed, some of them … err well you know ”doin stuff” !!! That then moved onto music, i would upload my favorite songs onto her server, she would play them on the way to work (EG: the AVN awards in vegas)… as an aside I send my first audio clip in Vegas, it was an amazing day, she could hear me and she would type her reactions to my voice!!!!

Right, i have to stop here, Kylie is ready for bed and I am tired, I also have forgotten to tell you about New years eve, that was when we admitted we were in love, or realised… or said it, either way I know I am skipping bits because the story is so massive ( I have kept every email and IM by the way, I have EVERY WORD SHE SAID TO ME….)

SO I am stopping and will try and pick up tomorrow…. I kinda hope this makes sense but kinda don’t care also, this is me trying to explain the unexplainable so, you know… errr its hard!!!

Keep track if you can, see you tomorrow